Mar 28, 2017
MIT Grad Builds Mikvah Calculator

Chabad educated MIT graduate Rikvah Bloom completed a 7-year project programming a Mikvah cycle time mobile app.

It has only taken 7 years or 3,000 years, depending how you look at it.

MIT computer science grads have finally compiled and built a system pertaining to one of the most complicated areas of Jewish law.

“We’ve been working on developing this technology for seven years,” founder Rivkah Spangenthal Bloom, MIT class of 2003 says. “Our new system will allow couples to keep Mikvah with the greatest amount of accuracy since the giving of the Torah.”

Known by its users as ‘the pink and purple mikvah app,’ both the website and smartphone application are straightforward, accessible, and simple to maneuver. Since its release in 2009, has functioned as a modern, user-friendly resource for couples endeavoring to follow the age-old Jewish laws of family purity.

Since the website’s inception, the website’s MIT-educated developers website have continually pushed themselves to utilize principles of both design and function to make ever more user-friendly and technologically advanced. In its most recent update, utilizes unprecedented newly-developed technology to solve for a complicated matter that even experienced rabbis grapple with, that of kavuah, regular patterns.

Let’s explain:

To fully observe the laws of Mikvah, it is necessary to detect regular patterns in the menstrual cycle and then use that information to calculate one’s next expected period. This is a confusing process when considering the possibility of simultaneous patterns, dormant patterns, active patterns, and uprooted patterns. Making matters even more complicated, life events such as pregnancy, birth, and nursing affect the calculations and need to be taken into consideration.

Until today, women have needed to struggle with these complicated calculations on their own.

With the update, that will no longer be necessary.

For the first time ever, has created a system which will automatically do the work for you. The website’s developers have worked with Rabbonim from all sectors of the Jewish world to codify these laws into a programming framework.

Rabbi Fischel Jacobs, the site’s Rabbinic responder as well as author of Chochmat HaTaharah and Family Purity, raves about the new update, “Expanding to include these extremely complex areas of Jewish law further establishes as one of our generation’s greatest Torah innovations.” allows computer and smart-phone users the ability to access their calendars on the go. The website is now available in English, Hebrew, French, and Spanish and caters to nuances of Sephardic, Ashkanazic, Chabad, and Modern Orthodox customs.

Still confused? The team at team is there to help.

Go ahead, try it. click on, and play around.

This website will take care of the rest.

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Opinions and Comments
Yasher koach
What a practical idea. Thank you Rivkah Bloom for this innovation.
(3/29/2017 5:19:41 AM)
More nachas for the lovely Spangenthal family!!
(3/29/2017 8:05:12 AM)
Wow. Kavuah! I just logged in and tested it. Phenominal!
(3/29/2017 8:43:52 AM)
The update
I think in this case, the app was already out. They just released an update which calculates KAVUAH. This has never been done before.
(3/29/2017 8:54:16 AM)
The update
I think in this case, the app was already out. They just released an update which calculates KAVUAH. This has never been done before.
(3/29/2017 9:24:37 AM)
(3/29/2017 11:38:45 AM)
Rabbi Jacobs
All the online calendars are excellent and do a wonderful service.

Just to be clear, regarding the above comment, this program, does, too, cover Chabad custom.

As it does with the other customs (Ashkenaz, Sefard etc.) within Chabad custom it allows a couple of options. That is, of course, to include the way things are (generally) poskened in the States as, for example, here in eretz Yisroel.

Blessings to all for a kosher and simcha Pesach.
(3/29/2017 1:09:20 PM)
It is one of our own
Rivkah Bloom went to Yeshiva schools in Pittsburg and Tougers seminary. Awesome way to apply your math to make the world a better place. I will only use this calendar. Keep making the world a better place.
(3/29/2017 2:10:49 PM)
Michoel Atlan a.h.
R. Michoel Atlan a.h. created a system that does all this, and has been available for years. Why are we reinventing the wheel?
(3/29/2017 3:36:17 PM)
the best online mikvah calendar!
After trying out a few of the online mikvah calendars, i have found to be the most simple and straight forward by far! I have been using it for years and it has made things so much easier! Thank you Rivkah Bloom for making this available to us!
(3/29/2017 11:07:45 PM)
I have been using this app since I am married when they started its accurate perfect and wonderful thank you so much for making our life's easier.
(3/30/2017 1:07:09 PM)
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