Jan 12, 2017
Pianist, Shlucha Featured at Event

Composer Sarah Dukes and Shlucha, author and speaker Mrs. Rivka Slonim will be featured at Lubavitch Yeshiva's Women's Evening.

The ULY Auction's Women's Evening 'A Brooklyn Night In' is proudly hosting award winning composer Sarah Dukes and renowned Shlucha, author and speaker Mrs. Rivka Slonim for an uplifting and intriguing, yet cozy and relaxing program of music, inspirational words, freshly made brick oven pizza and decadent hot drinks.

Sarah Dukes began playing piano when she was six years old and composed her first song at the mere age of eight. Classically trained until she was 18, the North Carolina raised pianist had a stirring collection of original pieces that made up her debut album, by the time Sarah had finished high school. The album -"Finding Forever"- was performed by world-renowned pianist, Yaron Gershovsky. She has since had her richly nuanced songs featured in documentaries produced by Jewish Educational Media, as well as streamed on various international channels. Sarah recently released a new album of original piano solos, “Life Sometimes”, which has been selected a winner in the Global Music Awards and was honored with a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Music in the New Age Solo Piano and Album categories. Sarah's compositions offer listeners soothing, melodic arrangements bursting with an emotional energy that is unmistakably straight from the heart.

Mrs. Rivkah Slonim serves on the Editorial Board of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute and is co-author of one of JLI’s most popular courses, Fascinating Facts. She is the education director at the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life and a lecturer on Jewish Medical Ethics at Binghamton University. A self-described "Chassidic Feminist", she lectures internationally on the intersection of Jewish observance and contemporary life with a special focus on Jewish women. She is the editor of Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology and Bread and Fire: Jewish Women Find G-d in the Everyday, an anthology on Jewish women’s spirituality. She will be speaking on the fascinating topic of ‘What cutting-edge biometric research can teach us about raising children’.

Hailing from the famous Pletzel, Paris' quaint Jewish food quarter, Pletzel Pizza brings you delicious personal pies, French style. Each ten-inch pie is made on a thin, crunchy crust, topped with your choice of ingredients. The pizzas are handmade, following a recipe that's been used in their own Kosher pizza store for decades. Pletzel stays true to their French roots, using authentic pizza ovens and only the finest ingredients.

Launched in 2002, Chilla is a family run business. It is the personal touch that has guided the success of the company and it is their pledge to continue the passion and unique connection throughout their endeavors. Chilla has become the leader in premium coffee beverages in South Africa. With their growth has come great innovation, through which they have created leading product lines in the industry. Their decadent offerings are mostly coffee-centric and include frappes, smoothies and hot chocolates. The full service coffee and espresso bar will be a centerpiece of the Women’s evening with an indulgent treat for every guest.

Do not miss your chance to win from our fabulous prize selection, full of jewelry, wigs, designer shopping, silver, Seforim, electronics, luxury bedding and so much more!

The Women’s Evening of the ULY Auction is on Sunday January 15th- 17th of Teves.

Doors open at 5.00pm and the program begins at 8.00pm. Admission is $30 and includes $30 in tickets and admission raffle entry.

To purchase tickets and for more information, please visit www.yttl.org/auction

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