Oct 27, 2016
Ivanka Trump Speaks at The Shul
Photo: princessfeldman

Entrepreneur Ivanka Trump told The Shul of Bal Harbour what her father, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump asked her before the High Holidays.

By COLlive reporter

Businesswoman Ivanka Trump sat at the center of the sanctuary of The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, Florida, on Thursday night to campaign for her father, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

A by-reservation crowd filled the the seats of the Chabad synagogue located in the Miami suburb known as a favored hideaway of the rich and famous.

In fact, the 34-year-old Trump noted that her wealthy parents-in-law, Charles and Seryl Kushner, frequent The Shul during their visits to the sunny state.

In a townhall like event, Trump sat on the uniquely gated Bimah and took questions from local residents of this swing state, openly discussing her Jewish faith, family intricacies and of course, her billionaire father.

She was in Florida for 3 campaign stops as her father tries to once again gain momentum in the polls which are being led by Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Before her visit to The Shul, Ivanka Trump spoke at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter and Inelt Grove Academy Charter School in Riviera Beach, according to news reports.

According to the invite for the event in The Shul, "Ivanka will start with her presentation and then will open to questions from the audience which need to be pre-submitted."


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Opinions and Comments
Menachem L
I think Trump should go to the Ohel before the elections
(10/28/2016 12:30:17 AM)
CH Homeowner
I pray that Trump gets no where near the White House. He already has - his hotel his five blocks from 1600 Penn. Ave - but no closer!
(10/28/2016 7:25:37 AM)
ivanka for president
ivanka for president,shes amazing
(10/28/2016 9:44:55 AM)

I pray Trump gets into the White House and not that thieving lier
i just hope he does not open a casino in one of the wings
Good Shabbos
(10/28/2016 10:12:40 AM)
Just thinking out loud.
Politics is one of the oldest lies, I don't trust either candidate nor anyone who will ever run. There are 2 things which in my opinion should be on the top of our minds, 1) that , which implies that no matter who wins we'll be Okey, 2) the only thing we could look at (although not necessarily trust) is their policies and attitude towards
(10/28/2016 11:39:12 AM)
Boruch N. Hoffinger
I just returned from Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. As usual I did 'mivztoyim' '7 Noahide Laws.' I've spoken to (about) 5 thousand people...many Jews included (Of course I changed subject). I tried to convince a Hillary supporter (There are many placards in front of homes dedicated to Clinton) to change her mind. I said: "Since 'Roe vs Wade' there have been about 50 million abortions. Over 40 days the fetus is considered a living entity (this is when brain waves start). What are we if we don't revere life? Why can't these lovely little souls who want to live also, have their 'day in court?'
Who are we, what are we?
(10/28/2016 11:57:10 AM)
To #4
Re your last sentence: why shouldn't he? Casinos are good moneymakers if run well; the earnings could be used to pay down the national debt! That makes at least as much sense as all the ideas floated by the professional politicians (those, at least, who even think that the size of the debt is a problem).
(10/28/2016 12:14:53 PM)
to 5
Your not the only one who thinks like that. One of the reasons i never vote. ...bottom line are they paying my bills? No so thanks but it doesn't really matter who is president. ...
(10/28/2016 1:03:39 PM)
Good man
This was once s strong nation . You are weak. Falling apart now because liberal means if you don't vote for them they go into meltdown. Any jew voting for that witch Hilary is an idiot. wake up. Wake up. Look at UK. Look at France and Germany. Strong countries on their knees. Go and read Enoch Powell speech.rivers iof blood. Trump is a breath of air in this awful corrupt circus. Do you think liberals give a shit. America, come out of your slumber . Vote for a man who will fight for FREEDOM. Wake Up. You have to fight to be FREE. What else do you need to convince you. C simcha
(10/28/2016 3:32:05 PM)
Hillaty -Evil!
She sold her soul to the Arab countries for money ! if she wins THEY will rule America.
Trump owes nobody anything!
think about that!!! then go and vote!
(10/29/2016 5:48:39 AM)
To #1
Since Trump will not be going to the Ohel before the elections for many reasons & since many of us feel he would be much much better for Etetz Yisroel, I think it would be a powerful thing to get a minyon together ASAP to go to the Ohel and doven for an outcome of REVEALED GOOD FOR ISRAEL.
(10/29/2016 7:13:22 PM)
To #5 and #8
How much money we get, is also decided by the Aibeshter but we still do all we can to earn more, including staying late to get an extra hour in (for those of us who have that choice).
He decides who will be sick and who will live and die, G-d forbid, but we still go to doctors, for treatment.
We have to do our Hishtadlus, and voting is no different.
Your views, would be more appropriate when talking about the Eruv and those who vandalize it, instead of allowing H-shm to decide things.
(10/29/2016 10:11:11 PM)
To #12
I'm #5 and you clearly missed my point. I didn't say not to vote and just rely on Hashem, what I did say is that it's important to keep in mind that hashem runs the world, and also that being that the candidates can't be trusted in any case we have to look at only what they say not try to look at their characters because they are all equally corrupt.
(10/30/2016 12:51:51 PM)
I count on Trump to create real jobs for Americans and defeat ISIS. Given a total corruption all the way to the top, it takes a person with rough manners (zero political correctness) to fight the corruption of the media and political establishment. I hope he can strengthen American values which are based on individual freedoms and free market. I am scared to see socialist ideas being promoted on all levels. Leftists are anti-religious, starting from Bolsheviks, Yevsektsia, early Zionist, Marxists, Liberals and so on. I pray for Trump to win.
(11/2/2016 1:43:19 AM)
ObamaCare? ObamaDoesntCare!
(11/3/2016 10:37:38 AM)
An admirer who has confidence in a successful decision for peace and unity,
Hashem will lead us successfully
(4/27/2017 7:08:08 PM)
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