Jul 21, 2016
Hikind to Trump: Say 'I'm Sorry'

NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind calls on Republican nominee Donald Trump to apologize as Ted Cruz expresses hurt.

By COLlive reporter

The third day at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, was marred by Texas Senator Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse his former rival and party's nominee Donald Trump.

In his speech on Wednesday night, Cruz said to "Vote your conscience" without mentioning Trump's name. He was continuously booed by the crowd.

"Wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage, didn't honor the pledge!" Trump fired back on Twitter. "I saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. No big deal!"


On Thursday morning, Cruz defended himself by saying "I'm not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father."

Trump linked Ted Cruz's father to the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat representing Brooklyn, issued a statement offering a solution that would ease Cruz's personal hurt.

"Over the past year, Donald Trump has, too often, indulged in a behavior that has embarrassed us all," he said. "Whether it be insulting the wives of presidential candidates on their appearances or degrading those with physical disabilities, Americans nationwide have grown disgusted with Trumpís reprehensible behavior."

"Even still, Hillary Clinton isnít an option and as a result," said Hikind about the Democratic presidential nominee.

"As I try to wrap my mind around supporting someone who has continued to maliciously attack and malign so many, a simple apology from Trump would go a long way in making it easier to support him.

"By not acknowledging your mistakes, Donald, you are only reinforcing the very behavior people have grown so disgusted with. Realize that you have the potential to be the next President of the United States.

"Please do the right thing. Show us that you can acknowledge your mistakes, so that we can believe in you more and move forward as a country. Just say 'I'm sorry.'"

Unlike Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio urged the GOP to unite in support of Trump in a video message to the convention.

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Opinions and Comments
Stop being a cry baby. By making statements just as that you are indirectly endorsing Hilary.
Hikind does Ted not owe an apology to trump for coming to his party and doing what he did?
Be a man!
(7/21/2016 1:45:39 PM)
Why does Trump need to say he's sorry?
What did he do wrong?
(7/21/2016 1:46:37 PM)
You're asking for far too much from Baby Trump! The man is the nastiest, pettiest and most vindictive candidate I've ever seen.
(7/21/2016 1:52:24 PM)
Dov u r right ! but it ain't going 2 happen so just drop it & don't make Hillary look good !
(7/21/2016 2:15:30 PM)
Follows politics
My job requires that I follow politics in rather excruciating detail. Mr. Cruz's staff had a nasty habit of stabbing people in the back (Ben Carson, Mrs. Trump, many others) and pretending that it wasn't their fault. He owes many, many people an apology, and I would discourage Mr. Hinkind, a generally good public servant, from speaking too highly of the Senator from Texas.
(7/21/2016 2:45:44 PM)
Don't agree
We have a president in office now that seems to be of the opinion that apologizing is going to appease the world. Look where that has left us.

If Donald Trump apologizing is going to change your mind about him and make you vote for him, you have a silly view of what a president stands for. If you are offended by him, turn off the TV or radio.

Can you imagine Trump apologizing and then Cruz endorsing him, that would sound so childish. Be a man and get past the 'insults'. the main thing in this election are the options and there are only two of them. To say you will not vote for Hillary but not vote for Trump either is in effect giving Hillary a half vote. 5 million of those and she has 2.5 Million more votes than Donald Trump.

Furthermore, since our interests lie in the way America acts towards Israel, just look at the information coming from the Trump organization lately. He is of the opinion that Israel should not be pressured to do what the US wants it to do but rather leave it to Israel to choose what it knows best. And there is even talk of not pushing the two-state solution which we all know has no chance of producing peace.

to conclude, if you want to 'feel better' about Trump, you probably won't get that. If you want a president that will stand up to the world and not be weak, you have no choice but to vote for Trump
(7/21/2016 2:55:40 PM)
Hay Dov
With all due respect to your Perls of wisdom, try to work on cleaning the streets in Brooklyn, make tuition tax deductible and other burning issues we face. You getting into the "big boys league" and mixing between those two, is not something either side is eagerly waiting for. You are great guy with many accomplishments, but one is not for you.
(7/21/2016 3:17:10 PM)
COMMON, who is dov hikind? another politician who swings with the wind.Right now we are faced with a muslim in the white house another muslim lover trying to get in which makes Trump, as nutty as he is the best candidate for the job. At least if he wins this country wont be over run by the muslim vermin
(7/21/2016 3:52:35 PM)
Last winter I predicted that Trump
was the man to go all the way. I actually made some bets if Trump wins Tzedakah to go to a yeshiva and the guy paid up $200 !!!

Now my only question is if Trump just wins or if its a Trump landslide !!
(7/21/2016 4:17:58 PM)
It's not Trump's party.
It's the Republican convention, not the Trump convention, and Cruz has more right to be there than Trump does. Cruz is a Republican and Trump is not.

Trump is a repulsive person, a bully, a con man, profoundly ignorant and proud of it, corrupt, encourages violence, and not to be trusted on any matter. Clinton is all the above except ignorant, but she makes up for it by being a multiple felon. There really isn't much to pick and choose between these two repulsive creatures, and it's no suprise that they're close friends. Right now they're rivals, but you will see that whoever wins on Nov 8th, by the 9th they will be friends again.

Cruz was 100% right not to endorse Trump. In fact according to the Torah he has *no right* to endorse the man who made such a bizarre claim against his father and who attacked his wife.
(7/21/2016 4:23:35 PM)
Cruz never attacked Mrs Trump
It's a blatant lie that Trump made up so he'd have an excuse for an ugly attack on Mrs Cruz.

Trump and his campaign not only slandered Cruz's wife and father, but who can forget the ugly smear they invented against Cruz himself, the five women who supposedly were ready to go public about him? Of course we never heard anything more about it, because the whole thing was invented by the Trump campaign. After this Cruz should endorse him?!
And don't imagine he's any better for Israel than his friend Clinton. He's already said he will *not* tear up 0bama's private deal with Iran, and that he will be *neutral* between Israel and its enemies. Who needs that?
(7/21/2016 4:29:19 PM)
Who aksed you.
Dov, u not a republican. Stop giving your unsolicited advice. Don't try to get some publicity and push yourself into the dicussion (like Schumer does).
Cruz is a great man but the Donald will be the next president. I'm voting for him even though I wanted Ted t win.
(7/21/2016 4:33:57 PM)
In business you have a peace time ceo and a war time ceo, the world is at war, we need a war time ceo, a wartime ceo is unapologetic. He is more focused on getting what he needs done rather then making sure no one is offended.
(7/21/2016 4:40:52 PM)
boohoo dovkins
hikind always backs the loser.regardless whom it is.he did the same thing in crown heights
(7/21/2016 4:44:48 PM)
What was the purpose?
Better left unsaid.
(7/21/2016 4:47:28 PM)
Cruz is brave man. We can learn from him
It's not easy standing up for emes when the world is full of sheker. We need to stand up to that bully and have even more mesiras nefesh for Torah and mitzvos!
(7/21/2016 5:19:15 PM)
Re 6
See rabbi Jacobson


34:00 and onward

Rebbe said Israel should not be a factor in voting for president

Anyway who knows what this bully would do if elected chas vShalom? He contradicts himself in the same sentence often
(7/21/2016 5:25:56 PM)
Grow up Dov
Politics is a dirty game and Cruz acted very arrogantly during the primary season.
Dov you have no choice to to vote for Donald Trump. He is a decent person and just a life. Dont sound so Holier then thou.
If we dig up we would probably find things that were some what offensive,
Stand up and be counted with the "silent majority" who support Donald Trump
(7/21/2016 5:35:31 PM)
In business you have a peace time ceo and a war time ceo, the world is at war, we need a war time ceo, a wartime ceo is unapologetic. He is more focused on getting what he needs done rather then making sure no one is offended.
(7/21/2016 6:53:37 PM)
Bashing Trump
Mr Hikind, by you bashing trump you are putting Hilary in office. Hilary is guilty of treason and more. She will empower Iran and befriend our enemies give allow them access to classified info like comy said.
And if you really think he should apologize, call him up. In sure you have his number. All you are doing is empowering Hilary.
(7/21/2016 8:10:47 PM)
No good options...
Not Trump, nor Hillary ;(

I like cruz
(7/21/2016 8:52:54 PM)
Third Party
Vote for Gary Johnson!
(7/21/2016 9:42:35 PM)
If you don't want to vote for Trump...
If you don't want to vote for Trump, then don't. Don't create bizarre excuses.
(7/22/2016 2:59:33 AM)
Its a basic question of Kibud Av
If someone insults your father, are you allowed to endorse him? Do any of the above commentators know story of Dama Ben Nesina???!!!
(7/22/2016 6:48:08 AM)
cold winter
Is this the same hiknd who endorsed Davis last year get a life dov stay in boro park donld and Hillary Clinton don't want your endorsement it is worth the garbage disposal on 13th ave clean up after the Republican
(7/22/2016 12:36:55 PM)
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