Jun 27, 2016
It's A Wonderful Week #3

In Episode 3 of It's A Wonderful Week, we’ll hear a Torah thought, find out the winners of last week’s prizes, do a craft project and meet producer Chaim Hershkowitz.

In Episode 3, we’ll announce the winners from Episode 2. Hear a Torah thought, create a colorful Tzedakah box and enjoy a great story.

We also got to meet Chaim Hershkowitz and get the inside scoop and a preview of his latest DVD.

Last but not least our Curious Camera took a trip to the mechanic.

Once again there are 2 new prizes, watch the episode to find out how you can win. (Prizes will be shipped within USA only)

Watch Episode 1

Watch Episode 2

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Opinions and Comments
Thanks for posting!
(6/27/2016 6:09:19 PM)
just thinking
Is there going to be video made in the future of all the episodes.

Excellent educational fun Kosher video. Thank you
(6/27/2016 6:46:32 PM)
Love this !!!!!!!!
These are amazing videos !!!!
Enjoying them so much !!
(6/27/2016 7:48:55 PM)
Two ideas for next weeks show (or for the future)
1. An interview with Uncle Moishie

2. An interview with Moshe Moscowitz (from Shazak productions)
(6/27/2016 7:48:58 PM)
Yashar Koach
Short , fast paced and interesting .

Keep up the good work !!
(6/27/2016 10:02:16 PM)
interview our own chabad guys first
crown heights (chabad) is blessed with so much talent interview our own people first
Avraham Fried
Chaim Fogelman
8th day
the french twins and even behind the seen guys
jem... chabed.org
Shimi Weinbaum
Zalman Goldstein
Yankei Teitelbaum
even the wedding musicians like Choni/Fitch/YossiChoen/and Avremi G....interview a shliach form anywhere and everywhere .....

(6/28/2016 11:18:25 AM)
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