Jun 17, 2016
Crown Heights Pianists to Perform

Sunday: Five accomplished female pianists will give a women’s only piano solo concert in Brooklyn.

Five accomplished pianists will be gathering on Sunday, June 19th at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn to give a women’s only piano solo concert.

An Afternoon of Musings at the Keyboard will feature pianists Rivka Nahari, Devra Seidel and Crown Heights residents Mirele Rosenberger, Sarah Dukes, Shoshana Michel.

Several genres of music will be performed including classical, nigunim, stride, jazz, and New Age piano by Chopin, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Ravel, Debussy, Gershwin and original compositions by Sarah Dukes and Shoshana Michel.

The five pianists come from different musical backgrounds but all bring their diverse skills and love for the piano to this very special performance.

Mirele Rosenberger has been a sought-after pianist, accompanist and piano teacher in Crown Heights for over forty years and was the musical director and accompanist for Ruthi Navon for 15 years.

Sarah Dukes, pianist/composer, has recently released her second CD of piano solos, Life Sometimes, which follows her debut album, Finding Forever, both of which were recorded by renowned pianist Yaron Gershovsky.

Shoshana Michel has a repertoire that spans a variety of genres. Her debut piano solo album of Chabad nigunim, Soul Whispers, was released last year and her new album of original piano compositions will be available early fall.

Rivka Nahari is multi-talented, being proficient in the piano, harp and flute. several forms of dance and sings opera. Rivka is an instructor and the artistic director of the Jewish Center for the Performing Arts.

Devra Aviva Seidel has a Masters of Music from the Manhattan School of Music and is an accomplished classical pianist, actor, singer and musical director.

The performance will take place on Sunday, June 19th at 2 pm at the Scholes Street Studio at 375 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg.

Doors open at 1:30 pm. Seating is limited.

For more info or ticket purchase, please visit http://www.jewishperformingarts.com/ or call 718-513-6257.

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Opinions and Comments
This looks amazing!!
(6/17/2016 3:35:53 PM)
Sounds GREAT! Wish I could be there!
(6/18/2016 6:10:06 PM)
BH We always say "Baruch Hash-m".
Mirele Rosenberger is also a gifted composer! Her lyrics, exquisite melodies and gorgeous arrangements create a pure, light-filled chassidic and joyous atmosphere. Children and adults love her timeless and aidel musuc. Mirele Rosenberger, thank you so much! Still singing your songs to women and children after more than twenty years - - " . . . . Mitzvah bright - brought us light to our home. Greatfully my family says 'Thank you and Shabbat Shalom! . .'"
(6/19/2016 2:34:19 AM)
Hatzlacha rabba!
Hatzlacha rabba to everone who contributed in any way, to the musicians and and to the audience as well!
(6/19/2016 2:56:15 AM)
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