Feb 15, 2016
'Homemakers' Celebrated at Event

Mothers and friends of students at OYYL in Crown Heights gathered last Wednesday for a “homemaker” event, offering insights and inspiration for the all-encompassing job of being a Jewish Chassidic mother and wife.

In Honor Of Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef, mothers and friends of students at OYYL School in Crown Heights gathered last Wednesday for a “homemaker” event, the first in a series developed and sponsored by the school’s administration in the hopes of offering insights and inspiration for the all-encompassing job of being a Jewish Chassidic mother and wife.

Event's goal was to emphasize the important role of women in homemaking and creating this event to support that role.

The evening of femininity began with the musical duo of Dana Pestun on violin and Shoshana Michal on the keyboard as women sat around tables adorned with flowers, pastries and white wine. Talented musicians played one the most touching songs about the Jewish Women of all times "A Yiddishe Mame".

Participants helped themselves to sushi, tea and fruit and vegetable platters, providing a much needed break after a full day’s work as a “homemaker.”

Author and lecturer Sarah Karmely was the guest speaker of the event. As a marriage counselor, kallah teacher and life coach, who received years of guidance and blessings from the Rebbe, she had many stories and lessons to share with the audience.

She spoke about Queen Esther’s great sacrifice to give up her marital relationship with Mordechai in order to be with the king and save the Jewish people. She repeated stories from modern times of women’s sacrifices to go to the mikvah even with great difficulty – from a Chabad Rebetzin in Russia who couldn’t afford the entrance fee to a woman in Minnesota who drove through a severe snow storm – and the revealed blessings they received by attending that night and conceiving healthy children.

Karmely also offered marriage tips, such as “when, where and how” women say things to their husbands can affect their response, respect and appreciation in return. She also illustrated the great power women have in bringing down blessings and protection for their husbands and families through their prayers, tears, faith and even by saying “amen” to another’s well wishes.

A potpourri making workshop, led by Blimie Wertvberger from Williamsburg, followed Karmely’s talk, merging spirituality, femininity and creativity in one evening. Women combined unique oil blends, such as lavender and Burberry, to use as perfume in glass bottles that they decorated with silk flowers. There was a palpable fragrance and feeling of excitement in the air as women worked together to create these original bottles to take home.

Raffle drawings were held at the closing of the event, including one of Karmely’s books, “Stories to hear with your Heart,” which is filled with countless personal stories of the Rebbe along with the experiences of men and women she encountered that received advice from the Rebbe on this important topic of Taharas Hamishpocha and Shalom Bayit.

Other raffles included Shoshana Michal’s musical CD “Soul Whispers,” and gift certificates that were sponsored by Little Feet, Chocolate Espresso Bar, Little Toes and The Art Café.

Women left filled with joy and inspiration to take back to their homes.
“It was so beautiful and fun,” said Chanie Jacobson, a teacher at OYYL. "It was very inspiring. Sara Karmely gave magical tips for marriage. The crowd was a lot of fun, there was a great ambiance and the food was awesome."
“It was a lovely event,” said Esther Hadassa Samuels, a parent of a child who attends the school. “Thanks to all the organizers and everyone there for the great energy space.”

After the event Wertvberger, who presented the potpourri workshop, a Satmar Chossid from Williamsburg, said, "I really had a great night out! You guys in Lubavitch are just so nice!"

OYYL plans to have future events of "Homemaker" series to support and encourage our Jewish Mothers of such important mission.

To see OYYL future events please visit our Webpage at PureChassidicEducation.org/events or email to Info@OYYL.Info to be added to our Mailing List.

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Leah Goldshtein
Amazing event! So warming, energizing and inspiring! Yashar koyach!!!
(2/15/2016 1:11:57 PM)
I am a proud mother of this school. So happy to send my kids there. And, yes I love the event!!
(2/15/2016 4:38:01 PM)
This is great!
Amazing Therapy! To strengthen the Yesod of the house!
(2/17/2016 8:01:05 PM)
What a beautiful gift for a mom
what a beautiful gift for a mom! the gift of having such a beautiful evening!!! so meaningful and wonderful
Thank You
(2/22/2016 4:00:26 AM)
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