Nov 21, 2015
School's Tribute to Dorm Mother

A generous philanthropist has donated 7 full tuitions to Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights for new families joining their Girls program for next year, in memory of Machon Chana dorm mother Mrs. Gita Gansburg.

A generous philanthropist who has chosen to remain anonymous has donated 7 full tuitions to Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch of Crown Heights for new families joining their Girls program for the 5776 school year.

This gift was given in honor of Mrs. Gita Gansburg, dorm mother of Machon Chana Women's Institute, whose first Yartzeit was this Thursday, 6 Kislev.

OYYL Girls Program is dedicated in loving memory of Mrs. Gansburg, and is very grateful to receive such a generous donation.

Applications and necessary documentations must be submitted by Friday, 15th of Kislev 12pm.

ONLY the first 50 applications will be reviewed and entered in the Raffle, which will take place​ ​​Tuesday​- 19th of Kislev-6pm.

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship are as follows:

1. Scholarships are for Girls Ages 3-5.5 for 5776 School Year.
2. Scholarships will be sponsored for income eligible families.
3. Scholarships does not include School Bus Transportation.
4. Applying families should submit the following;
a) Fill out Application at
b) Attach/upload 2014 Family Tax Return.
c) Schedule face-to-face interview with Educational Director by calling school at 646-450-4770.

This is a great opportunity to give Crown Heights families to be part of Pure Chassidic Education and raise their families in accordance to our Rebbe's guidelines in a caring, creative and positive learning environment.

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch is a school whose mission is to provide an authentic Lubavitch Education within an environment that fully embodies the values and principles of Chabad Chassidus. It's goal is to raise and educate students on their individual level so they can each grow at their own pace and mature into healthy, happy and committed Chassidim.

Chabad education means the school, its environment, and its teachers embody the true values of Chabad, the Rebbe and our holy Torah, without any compromises for the sake of simplicity or convenience. Warmth, optimism, positive energy, joy, enthusiasm, and ahavas Yisroel permeate the school the way they permeate a Chabad House ľand even more so.

To learn more about OYYL please visit

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Ch resident
I am so happy for OYYL. each child is smiling!!
(11/21/2015 6:55:38 PM)
Wow, this is a great opportunity to have your child join an amazing school. Your child will get undivided attention and ability to learn and grow on his or her level.
(11/21/2015 7:21:58 PM)
As a proud and happy mother I am so greatful to Hashem for every minute she spends in this school: a true chassidic and caring environment full of hands on learning and warm and positive open classroom setting for thinking responsible children! A big yashar koyach to the tireless directors and hardworking mechanchim!:) and a limitless TY ;)
(11/23/2015 12:50:54 AM)
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