Oct 4, 2015
Diplomat is Honored "Ushpizin"

Deputy Israeli Consul Amir Sagie was "an official ushpizin" at the sukkah of Chanina Sperlin in Crown Heights with other officials.

Elected officials from New York State and City government, together with half a dozen Police Chiefs and representatives of several Brooklyn Communities joined Crown Heights Community leaders for a Sukkos celebration.

It was hosted in the Sukkah of Chanina Sperlin, intergovernmental liaison of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC) who welcomed participants and described the importance of the Hakhel year of Jewish gathering.

Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the community council, spoke of the spiritual quality of Sukkos and its importance for all the nations of the world.

NY City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Public Advocate Letitia James, State Senator Jesse Hamilton and Assemblyman Walter Mosley all expressed their appreciation of the rich teachings of Judaism and their strong support of the causes dear to their Jewish constituents.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson was next to address the crowd. Thompson spoke about how beautiful it was to see the unity and warmth of the Crown Heights community.

The gathering then heard from City Council Members Laurie Cumbo and Robert Cornegie, who both have portions of Crown Heights in their districts. Demetrius Lawrence, newly elected Chairman of Community Board 9 also gave greetings.

From the New York City Police Department, Chief of Department O'Neill spoke of the dedications of his officers to the safety of the community.

Chief Powers of Brooklyn South and Chief Maddrey of Brooklyn North, then Chief Vega, now Deputy Chief of Community Affairs for the entire City of New York.

Also present, were representatives of Medgar Evers College and a representative of the Port Authority, accompanied by the PA's Rabbi Mendy Carlebach.

Deputy Consul of Israel, Amir Sagie, took out time from his busy schedule surrounding UN week to join the gathering. The Consul addressed the crowd briefly, as did Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Chairman Zaki Tamir.

The Consul remained to farbreng for a short while, as some of the elected officials headed to Kingston Avenue to participate in the festivities there.

"Was honored and very happy to be an official ushpizin at the lovely sukkah of Rabbi Chanina Sperlin," Sagie later wrote on Facebook. "Among some of the top ranking NYC elected officials, the NYPD Senior leadership and representatives of the variuos Jewish communities."

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Zalmy Schapiro
wow now that is a big Kiddish Heshem go Chanaina Sperlin Excellent Job keep up the good work
(10/7/2015 4:38:16 PM)
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