Sep 9, 2015
Volunteers Save Infant Left in Car

An infant was accidentally locked in a vehicle in Crown Heights as the heat swelled. Not wasting time, volunteers smashed the window.

By COLlive reporter

A tragedy was averted thanks to the resourcefulness of volunteers of Jewish assistance organizations, Crown Heights Shmira patrol group and Hatzalah medical service.

The organizations received an urgent call on Wednesday from a parent that their baby accidentally got locked in the car, after the keys dropped while they were strapping them into the car seat and the car automatically locked.

The danger was heightened as New York City is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave this season, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees in the city and rising humidity only making it feel much hotter.

When the volunteers arrived and assessed the situation, they decided not to waste time waiting for a locksmith. In an effort to save the child's life, they used a cinder block to smash the back window of the vehicle.

"The baby was Baruch Hashem fine and healthy," one of them reported to He asked to alert the community of two crucial points.

"People must always check the car before leaving - especially now that the weather is very hot. And when calling Hatzolah or Shmira, always be specific with the address of your location. 2 minutes of searching an address can cost a life."

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Thank G-D the baby is fine. Lshana Tova
(9/9/2015 1:46:03 PM)
Thanks to Hatzalah & Shmira for saving lives constantly and making the Crown Heights community a better place.
(9/9/2015 6:16:45 PM)
be prepared
It's also a good idea to have a second set of keys with you at all times
(9/10/2015 1:55:52 AM)
Baruch Hashem
Smart parent for calling immediately
(9/10/2015 11:01:53 AM)

These things tend to happen often
(9/11/2015 8:19:10 PM)
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