Jun 15, 2015
Camp Opens Its Doors to the Past

This summer, a new camp in Crown Heights will give kids a one-of-a-kind experience: a journey back in time to historic Lubavitch and the lives of our Rebbeim and their Chassidim.

This summer, a new camp in the heart of Crown Heights will be opening its doors to a one-of-a-kind experience: a journey back in time. Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch yeshiva will be taking Preschool and Elementary campers back in time to visit our historic home in Lubavitch and to experience the lives of our Rebbeim and their Chassidim.

Running for six weeks from '' - July 6th till '' -
August 14th, the camps theme is Shetel Life:Exploring Our Roots. Over the weeks, campers will be putting together a 3D model replica of the town of Lubavitch based on the drawing of a Chossid and an artist, Reb Hendel Lieberman, of a detailed map dating back to the times of the Mitteler Rebbe. Using woodwork, clay and cardboard, campers will have the chance to see Lubavitch come to life before their eyes and to gain an appreciation for the early period of their Chassidic heritage. Campers will lean in depth the history of each Chabad Rebbe and the Chassidim of their time, reflect of stories, and engage in group discussions.

OYYLs Directors, Mottel and Mila Shnaiderman, explain that, we believe that children need a clear sense of where Lubavitch came from in order to understand where it is going. The camp aims to provide this in a fun, hands-on, and experiential way.

Campers will also have the chance to experience what the pastoral life of our Chassidic ancestors was like. They will be visiting a farm where they will get acquainted with farm animals and where they will have a chance to go peach and berry picking. In the backyard garden on the camps premises, they will have the opportunity to learn the basics of gardening by planting vegetables and they will learn to nurture life by hatching chicks in an incubator.

"The OYYL camp experience is a proof that progress and learning doesn't stop when summer comes. My son is still learning in all aspects through hands on and relaxed environment. I am very pleased to know that summer "break" will be spent meaningfully and that my son cames in a prepared state of mind for the next school year" says, Dana Pestun, a OYYL parent.

In keeping with OYYLs mission statement, the camp aims to provide campers with an integrated learning experience where children get to experience the world around them and the ideas they are learning as one seamless unit.

The caring and dedicated staff are committed to making sure that campers have a summer that is stimulating and educational in a safe, positive, and Chassidish environment.

For more information about the camp, or to learn more about the unique learning style of this school, please visit www.PureChassidicEducation.org or call 646-450-4770.

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Mom in ch
My boys have attended oyyl for years. I have always been impressed with the care and concern they have always received. This is a true Rebbe's camp!
(6/15/2015 11:43:10 AM)
fun camp
Sound great and looks amazing☆☆☆☆☆
(6/15/2015 11:44:16 AM)
This is amazing! Such a meaningful summer experience!
(6/15/2015 11:44:34 AM)
Best School
We are so excited for camp! Thanks for a wonderful school year, as always.
(6/15/2015 11:46:11 AM)
sound great!
(6/15/2015 12:06:16 PM)
B'ezras Hashem they will have much Hatzlocha with working with the kids in the shoresh we came from and use those kochos to sprout in the 7th generation the generation of Moshiach which all the Rebbeim worked for. Yechi Hamelech
(6/15/2015 1:11:48 PM)
Sounds awesome! Much hatzlocho!
(6/15/2015 11:30:03 PM)
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