May 2, 2015
First Women's Career Event

Sunday: Hear from court reporter Rivka Teich and other successful women at Crown Heights' first ever career event for women.

On May 3, 2015 there will be a ground-breaking event. It will be a first-ever, women's only, Career Event right here in Crown Heights. A full spectrum of professions will be showcased by women actively pursuing those careers.

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council will be hosting the event, which was organized by a local Crown Heights resident, Rivka Teich.

Mrs. Teich will also be speaking about her profession as a Court Reporter. "I'm constantly being asked about what I do and how someone can get into it," she says. "Thank G-d there are multiple girls who went into Court Reporting after talking to me, which makes me very proud. So I decided to make an official forum for people to talk about interesting careers and enlighten others about their professions."

Yossi Ginzberg, a liaison with the CHJCC, will be present as well. He will discuss various scholarships available and other schooling options.

All women and girls 16 and older are encouraged and invited to come learn, discuss, and get information about their future education.

Sunday, May 3, 2015
1:00 – 4:00 pm
935 Eastern Parkway
For Women, ages 16-100
You can email: with any questions.

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Opinions and Comments
sounds great!
Thanks for organizing
(5/2/2015 11:09:29 PM)
Go Rivka!!
Your neighbors,
The Sasson's
(5/3/2015 12:28:13 AM)
Looks Great!
Can't wait to attend!
(5/3/2015 9:39:27 AM)
Careers vs. Mothers?
Since when does the Rebbe's guidance encourage women to seek having a career? If my understanding is correct, women where only encouraged to pursue shlichus AND only *IF* it wouldn't impact their responsibilities as a mother.
(5/3/2015 9:45:13 AM)
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