Jan 28, 2015
10 Letters From Rabbi Mondshine

Rabbi Elie Matusof shares 10 letters from a decades-long correspondence with bibliographer Rabbi Yehoshua Mondshine OBM.

By COLlive reporter

A glimpse of a decades-long correspondence with the late Rabbi Yehoshua Mondshine, a prolific author and historian, was released this week.

A 52-page booklet containing 10 letters he wrote in 5747 was published in honor of his Shloshim - 30 days since his passing at the age of 68 after a lengthy illness.

"He was very knowledgeable in matters of authors and books and a fruitful writer," says Rabbi Elie Matusof, a member of the editorial board of Otzar Hachassidim, a division of Kehot Publication Society.

Rabbi Matusof, who published the booklet, said that he has been corresponding with Rabbi Mondshine for over 30 years, almost on a weekly basis.

"The topics of the letters were many and varied, but they mainly discussed literature and research matters related to Chabad teachings, among them many matters relating to books he printed," Matusof says.

Matusof said he hasn't decided yet what to do with that wealth of information. He will either print them according to topic or chronologically with a table of contents or a list of names and books mentioned.

For now, he randomly chose 10 letters from the hundreds he received over the years. Included in the booklet, available for download here on COLlive.com, is an obituary for Rabbi Mondshine.

"Far be it from me to write about Rabbi Yehoshua, of blessed memory, about the size of his enterprise and the great importance with which the Rebbe related to his books and his works," he noted.

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