Jan 11, 2015
Bochurim Learn Stress Techniques

A person who served in the IDF Special Forces presented a 'Mind in Control' workshop at Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim in Morristown.

By COLlive reporter

Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim in Morristown, New Jersey, ran their annual winter program last week with many different classes, exciting lectures and activities.

A notable highlight was a unique workshop led by Rabbi Dr. Gill Heart, who lectures and trains executives on professional techniques to maximize performance and efficiency by means of changing thought-processes and behavior-patterns.

Heart served many years as an officer in a secretive unit in the IDF's Special Forces. "Operating undercover, deep behind enemy lines is extremely stressful," he said. "The operative is required to operate in an optimal and calm manner at all times in order to successfully deliver mission goals and return home safely.

"In preparation for such mission, the operative is trained to change his natural and intuitive responses to stress triggers. This change is achieved by special mind-training resulting in complete self discipline, allowing the operative to maximize his performance under stress."

"In our lives, stress is everywhere," he explained during his visit to the campus of the Rabbinical College of America.

"We face it at home and at work, with our spouses, children, parents and friends, our employer and employees, on the road and off of it, when we read the paper or listen to the radio. Unless trained, our natural response to life's daily stress triggers will be intuitive and therefore, emotionally-driven.

"In the vast majority of cases, this response is not in our best interest as it gets us further away from our goals. 'Mind In Control' training enables you to think differently under pressure. It results in significantly more efficient and effective thought-processes," said Heart.

During the Mind In Control workshop, the students learnt about specific techniques that enable to take control over the emotional response to stress triggers.

The students then practiced and experienced the process first hand. They were put under mental and emotional pressure and then, using the Mind In control techniques, had to regain control over their emotional responses and change their thought process so that they reacted in a calm and thoughtful manner.

One student said, "I really enjoyed the program, it was absolutely awesome, can't believe so many hours flew by." Another student commented: "It was a great course, I see how this can help me with my studies and improve my relationship with my family."

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online smicha
Kol hakovod gill, keep up your good work with much hatslacha
(1/11/2015 4:05:58 PM)
why is this offered only to tiferes, why not to all yeshivois, there is enuv stress by all , how to control ur emotions w/out becoming pararalized.... all bochurim can use it and girls..
(1/11/2015 10:19:14 PM)
Great program
Great insights and techniques!
(1/12/2015 4:11:50 PM)
Sounds like something we can all use..
(1/12/2015 8:02:32 PM)
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