Dec 11, 2014
Mayor Visits After 770 Stabbing
The Mayor and Police Commissioner in Crown Heights. Photos: Baruch Ezagui

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio came to Crown Heights to show support after the stabbing of a Yeshiva student.

By COLlive reporter
Photos by Baruch Ezagui

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio visited Crown Heights on Thursday to show his support following the stabbing of a yeshiva student at Lubavitch Headquarters located in the neighborhood.

The Mayor came along with New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Commissioner of Community Affairs Unit Marco Carrion to to discuss the City's response to crime and their plans for the security for the Jewish community and to houses of worship.

At the meeting at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC), de Blasio expressed his concern about the incident in which 22-year-old Levi Rosenblatt was stabbed in the neck by Calvin Peters, a 50-year-old African American man.

The stand-off between Peters and the police at the central synagogue in 770 Eastern Parkway resulted in the attacker being shot by an officer. His family says he had a history of mental illness and hasn't expressed anti Semitic views in the past.

But at least one eyewitness said that Peters called out that "I want to kill the Jews!" Another eyewitness told that he saw Peters at approximately 5:00 pm on Monday afternoon scouting 770.

Rosenblatt is currently recovering from his wounds and underwent a surgical procedure at the Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City. His mother flew in from Israel to be with him.

Rabbi Chanina Sperlin, governmental liaison for the CHJCC, welcomed the guests by first referring to the auspicious chassidic date of 19 Kislev and by reminding the Mayor and Commissioner of their long friendship towards Crown Heights and the Council dating back over 20 years.

CHJCC's Executive Director Rabbi Eli Cohen expressed the concern of the community that the full facts of the investigation should be released as soon as possible so that any motives that triggered the attack should come out to the public. He also made some security suggestions to prevent any further incidents.

Commissioner Bratton spoke about the progress of the investigation. So far no indications of any issue local or global that could have triggered the attack have been uncovered, he reported.

The Mayor and the Commissioner spoke about a new counter-terrorism initiative in the Police Department to train selected officers specifically in protecting sensitive locations.

VIDEO: Mayor de Blasio's remarks to the press

Rabbi Benjy Stock, Administrator of Associated Beth Rivkah Schools asked the Mayor to provide security for private schools. The Mayor responded that he would take the suggestion very seriously and would examine possible solutions to the issue.

CHJCC Chairman Zaki Tamir raised the question of how best to deter attacks and how to balance keeping places of worship like 770 open to all while at the same time preserving security. The Mayor responded that this was an issue that they were working on and that would be developed over time.

Rabbi Hershel Lustig, Principal of Oholei Torah boys school, asked for the City's assistance in providing mental health and counseling support for Yeshivah students.

Rabbi Michael Miller of Jewish Community Relations Council, spoke about the work that his organization has been doing together with Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and Project Care to promote positive relations in the community.

The Mayor also praised the work of CHJCC in this regard - pointing out that Crown Heights has been very prominent in this work.

Rabbi David Zwiebel of Agudas Israel of America thanked the Mayor for coming to the community and for his caring for all New Yorkers.

Rabbi Cohen closed the meeting by speaking of the importance of projecting moral values into our education system, and of the Rebbe's call for a Moment of Silence where each child can think about the things that are important to him or her at the beginning of every school day.

Present at the meeting were Rabbi Shea Hecht, Rabbi Zalman Wilhelm, Rabbi Eliyohu Davis, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, Gabbai of 770 Zalman Lipsker, Mrs. Devorah Halberstam.

Also present were 71 Precinct Council Chairman Carl Kohn, 77 Precinct Council Chairman James Caldwell, Batia Brandel, and the Mayor's aides Avi Fink and Pinny Ringel.

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Opinions and Comments
Great that his showing support to the Jewish community
(12/11/2014 6:12:57 PM)
Cajun Chosid
Deblasio is a commie left winger.
Support to the Jewish community, right. He is a politician.
Yidden wake up! We have had Mumbai, and Har Nof massacres. A stabbing in 770. Every shul in the world and every Jewish center, office or building etc should have someone on the premises armed at all times the buildings are open. The yidden at Chabad of Mumbai or those davening shachris in Har Nof, and bochurim learning at night all thought they were safe from anything. This is no joke. A gun is not treif. When Moshiach comes we can turn the swords into plowshares but till then we need our "swords".
(12/11/2014 6:25:52 PM)
good with children and the jewish community
thanks for the high five!!!!!!!!!!
yechi hamelech!!!!!!
(12/11/2014 6:31:41 PM)
Don't always agree with him but kudos and kole kovod to Chanina for wearing his Kopota to such an event and not at all intimidated or inclined to conform to the atmosphere
(12/11/2014 7:52:10 PM)
the Mayer was very quick to conclude that this was just a mentally disturbed individual, when the facts say otherwise.

according to media reports , Calvin Peters neighbors attest that he was a NORMAL individual,and a good father for his two kids.

yet the Mayer not wanting to upset his African American base, completely ignores this man hatred for Jews proved by his yelling “i want to kill the Jews” and blames it on this created mental illness.
(12/11/2014 8:17:18 PM)
(12/11/2014 8:27:54 PM)
Go Benjy
He is right we need cameras and the city should pay
(12/11/2014 9:06:06 PM)
He ws mentally disturbed
The reason they said he was a normal guy and a great father of two kids is to make people have pity on him that the police shot him
(12/12/2014 12:07:22 AM)
protecting our children
protect our children and our whole community no matter protectit takes. this is not just an isolated incident.
(12/12/2014 12:29:48 AM)
#2 & #5 are right, we need tachlis now
Tachlis right now. So who and how are we setting up our own security? Who wants to get training? Where? Who will run it? Hityatzvu! Are there Jewish agencies already in the business that can start tommorrow? Just think of the all the crowds for Chanukah. We need something in place by then. Hitytzvu!
(12/12/2014 1:42:55 AM)
This was no simple 'stabbing'
If I understand correctly that Levi Yitzchak's skull was cracked by the terrorist's vile act was done with tremendous force. Think about that. More graphic detail needs to be given to the news media & the politicain for them to get it through their thick skulls. This is what happens all the time in Israel. The terribly wounded are described simply as 'wounded' & no one understands just how bad they were wounded, Thanks to whoever videorecorded it. Yasher Koach. You did a real service for Am Yisroel.
(12/12/2014 1:50:43 AM)
That the MAYORs press conference took piece in front of his Mikva MIKVA MIER (Mayor)
(12/12/2014 9:51:38 AM)
i said it before & ill say it again
CH needs atleast 2 cameras on every block!!!! You forgot about that vandalism incident of schoolkids messing up that grocery store cor Carrroll & Troy!!
Noch a ness nobody was hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12/12/2014 12:45:12 PM)
Where can New Yorkers buy a gun?
I heard that in Pennsylvania there is no waiting period and if you pass a criminal background check, they will sell it to you.

There is no stop and frisk, so while illegal, technically, a CH resident could purchase a small hand gun and carry it to 770...

I don't recommend anyone break the law, just asking questions...
(12/14/2014 1:14:04 AM)
Zalmy Schapiro son of Levi Yitzchok a" h
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our mayor for coming to Crown Heights for that wonderful speech that I saw on the video clip and also really nice pictures I really like it
(12/14/2014 12:40:23 PM)
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