Nov 26, 2014
'Admit It, You're Against Israel'

In an unapologetic speech at the United Nations, Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor tells European countries: "You failed us in the 1940s, in 1973 and you are failing us again today."

From Israel at the UN:

Usually, during the UN International day of solidarity with the Palestinian People debate, the European Union makes a collective announcement.

This time, Sweden decided to honor us with its presence and hold its own speech.

To the Swedish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Annika Soder who attended the debate (that results in numerous anti-Israel resolutions) and to the rest of the European nations, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, said:

"You, the European nations, never stood beside us, and it is no surprise that you aren't standing beside us today. There is not one Israeli who trusts your hollow promises on matters of Israel’s security. You failed us. You failed us in the 1940s. You failed us in 1973. And you are failing us again today."


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Wow wow
(11/26/2014 6:29:43 PM)
tell it like it is!
Finally!! watch everyone will condemn this as incitement, rascist and deplorable. Moshiach now!!
(11/26/2014 6:33:24 PM)
kol hakavod. exactly what needed to be said. no apologies.
if more had said this a long time ago, if we only wld be honest, and say it like it is, the message wld be clear.
(11/26/2014 6:37:09 PM)
(11/26/2014 6:39:51 PM)
Anti-Semitism is ripe!
Gut Gazogt
(11/26/2014 7:12:21 PM)
well said
its nice to see israel say it as it is..
(11/26/2014 7:15:07 PM)
The world doesn't respect wishy washy spinless leadership. like Obama , for example.
It does respect firmness and resolute self determination.
Well done Mr. Israeli ambassador.
We are not alone!!
Hashem is here there and everywhere.
Am Yisroel Chai !!
(11/26/2014 7:51:16 PM)
They haven't failed us
We never had any expectations of them.
(11/26/2014 8:27:52 PM)
love u
(11/26/2014 9:28:30 PM)
UN truth speech
hopefully it will make a positive impact. nothing but the truth. Its great to remind everyone once in a while. Maybe they will awake from their slumber...
(11/26/2014 10:19:30 PM)
(11/26/2014 11:07:23 PM)
Just confirming
What the rebbe told bibi. The UN is a place of lies.
(11/26/2014 11:18:31 PM)
MAy he go mchoyil el choyil
please Hashem send MOSHIACH
(11/26/2014 11:30:42 PM)
With a Smile
Rob Proser manges a constant smile even while he demolishes his opponents!
As it's been aptly said "a diplomat is one who can tell you to go to hellij a way that leaves you anticipating the trip"...
(11/26/2014 11:33:21 PM)
to 14
His name is Ron ... he can't help being happy, no matter what. We can learn from him!
(11/27/2014 12:58:02 AM)
very good
(11/27/2014 3:45:26 AM)
#2 correct
Great. We need to finally stop hiding and start saying it out loud. You do not negotiate with terror. You say it like I is and they will respect you more

(11/27/2014 9:00:44 AM)
each of us
each of us has the responsibility to get this circuating around so it reaches many people, and not just in our community. We all know people outside of our social circles. need to get this out there. excellent, we have to thank him.
(11/27/2014 9:38:38 AM)
just me
absolutely fantastically spoken and conveyed - how true!
(11/27/2014 10:33:03 AM)
To #14
Love it! I'm going to use that line!

As for Ambassador Prossor, whom I met when he was Ambassador to the UK - he is clearly the right man to represent Israel's interests at that seat of global anti-semitism.
(11/27/2014 10:33:38 AM)
UN Choleras!
Finally, someone telling these UN choleras, a spade is a spade!
(11/27/2014 1:33:52 PM)
jewish pride
we need to speak like that all the time
(11/27/2014 3:43:16 PM)
Am Yisroel Chai
J'Accusse is the best phrase that I have heard since it speaks the truth.
(11/27/2014 3:45:33 PM)

should be publicized more widely
(11/27/2014 5:06:40 PM)
See the full speech - - A MUST!!
If you appreciate his direct words on the video read his entire speech to understand how clear and strong we must be about the lies in the U.N.! How a Jew is meant to stand firm and not allow the unfortunate situation to continue.
Ron is true to the Rebbe's directives - remembering that the U.N. is a very dark place and never to be drawn into that dangerous web the world has been spinning!
We need the lights of many candles to dispel this darkness and may the thousands and thousands of Chanukah menorahs around the world that the Rebbe encouraged bring that ultimate light NOW!
T.H. Israel
(11/28/2014 2:46:21 AM)
what an awesome speech we are finally proud of!
(11/28/2014 3:00:57 AM)
About time....
(11/28/2014 6:34:19 AM)
He could Ron, but he doesn't hide (the truth).

(11/28/2014 10:04:52 AM)
It is about time we forego political correctness which has become a plague in our society and tell things the ways they are. What this gentleman is saying is true, Europe has failed jews all along and they are failing them again today. Do we not learn from history?
(11/29/2014 5:24:03 PM)
very well spoken
that was exactly what i was thinking Israel is the only place that is not scared to stand up to what they believe
people always say " don't follow everyone else BE YOURSELF" well Israel is being itself and people can not except it.
(11/30/2014 8:12:42 AM)
standf up and fight
If we had his attitude today we would be 100 millions jews
(11/30/2014 3:01:08 PM)
That when the Umos HaOlam say...
I think the BIG chiddush will be when most yidden (at least in E"Y) say something similar, out loud and believe it. As Ben Gurion famously is quoted, "It doesn't make a difference what the goyim say, it makes a difference what the Jews do." It will make a difference when they shed the "cloak of the goyim" (UN, Mandate, partition, international law, history, military, justice) and recognize that it is ours, only because He gave it to us! How they respond is really immaterial!
(12/1/2014 2:04:03 PM)
Adam Rapaport
A poignant moment. A shining light amongst the evil and devious thoughts and actions of many in the rest of the world.
The oratory of Churchill; the truth and wisdom of Lincoln's Gettysburg address. It is enough( dayenu) that these precious truthfull words have been heard, however it is perhaps only history that will prove them right.
(12/1/2014 6:21:46 PM)

His attempt to lay blame for the root cause of Israel's problems rings hollow in the face of reality. Israel is not now, was not ever, and will never be a Jewish only State. In the context of the generally excepted societal norms in place in the world today, such religious bigotry, hatred, segregation, subjugation and elitism has no place. And for Israel specifically, which was born out of a UN mandate which specifically prohibits such actions, it is untenable position. It has nothing what so ever to do with Jewish history in any way shape or form. Such a clumsy, contrived and clearly irrelevant excuse holds no sway over world opinion, let alone the rule of law. Israel had better wake up and smell the coffee or face the reality that it has become a totally illegitimate state. A state which would then no longer have standing among nations of the world.

The truth here is that Zionist Jews have let Israel down.
(12/2/2014 8:38:50 AM)
Courage to face reality.mind and eloquence to throw light and bring clarity
(12/2/2014 10:13:01 PM)
honesty is the best policy, the truth is indivisible.
(12/12/2014 3:41:14 PM)
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