Jul 9, 2014
President Putin: I Support Israel

In a meeting with a delegation of rabbis, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on Israel's operation in Gaza.

By COLlive reporter

Support for Operation Protective Edge, Israel's military effort to stop Hamas' incessant rocket attacks against Israel's civilians, is coming directly from the Kremlin.

"I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel," Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.

The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

"It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories," Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion.

Boroda was seated across from Putin during the meeting, alongside Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and others.

At one point during the meeting, Rabbi Yosef commented that "hours before I flew here, a rocket landed near my house in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish nation."

"It goes without saying there is great anxiety among my children and grandchildren who were forced to enter bomb shelters, for no fault of their own," he said, adding that it is "hard to describe the emotional damage that is being done to them. All this is just for the crime that they were born to the Jewish nation."

The Chief Rabbi concluded by asking the president to use his power "to bring a stop to the violence. There cannot be a situation where people use religion to slaughter the innocent."

Most of the Israeli population is currently living under the threat of rocket fire. Life between sirens, in and out of bomb shelters, has become the daily reality for millions of Israelis.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 200 rockets at Israel since Operation Protective Edge began on Monday, July 7 – and over 650 rockets since the beginning of 2014.

According a news report, Putin replied by asking Rabbi Yosef to pass along a message to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Russia is a true friend of Israel and of the Prime Minister.

"I support Israel's battle that is intended to keep its citizens protected," he said about the Israel Defense Forces' operation to restore quiet to the region and stop Hamas terrorism.

"I also heard about the shocking murder of the three teenagers," Putin added about the kidnapping and murder of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar, three Yeshiva students in Israel. "This is an unconscionable act and I ask that you bring my condolences to the families."

Also in attendance were Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands Binyomin Jacobs; Rabbi Yirmiyahu Cohen, head of the rabbinical court in Paris, France; Rabbi Yisroel Lichtenstein, head of the Federation of Synagogues Beth Din in England; Rabbi Moshe Lazar of Milan, Italy; Rabbi Michael Shmerla, head of the rabbinical court in Strasbourg, France; Rabbi Yitzchak Niazov, Rabbi of the Bukharan Jewish Community in Vienna, Austria; Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel, Director of Chabad Lubavitch Educational Center in Berlin, Germany; Rabbi Yaakov David Shmal, dayan of Machazikei Hadas in Antwerp, Belgium; Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Director of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe.

As part of their trip to Moscow, the Rabbis will attend a special ceremony marking the anniversary of the release of the Frierdiker Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, from Soviet prison.

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Opinions and Comments
Unbelievable picture and event !!!
Yasher koach to Rabbi Lazar
(7/9/2014 11:00:36 PM)
(7/10/2014 12:02:36 AM)
Sounds good
This was a private meeting. Has he openly proclaimed his views for the general media? Does he have a seat in the UN and did he show his support there?
(7/10/2014 12:10:16 AM)
who wudda thunk
the world is certainly upside down
(7/10/2014 12:36:43 AM)
BS"D yes sounds good as he sells the rockets that can reach Yerushalaim and trains Israels sworn enemies. As they say in America-with friends like him who needs enemies
(7/10/2014 12:41:27 AM)
to #5
Your comment is the first time I've seen an allegation that the rockets of Hamas are made by Russia, do you have a link for this?
(7/10/2014 12:51:35 AM)
Rabbi Lazar is doing an amazing job
I have the sense from several recent articles that Putin actually has somewhat warm feelings to him. Wow.
(7/10/2014 12:53:55 AM)
Russia in general does not support terorism
It comforts me to see how one of the world powers says his statement openly regarding the fight against terror. Russia itself gets a fair share of terrorism. A lot of countries can learn from Russia policies in regards to this matter.
(7/10/2014 11:45:54 AM)
All this is politics and in politics there is nothing impossible at the ce3rtain moment
(7/10/2014 1:29:43 PM)
They still have the Seforim, so i don't buy any of this support.
(7/10/2014 1:48:35 PM)
Putin does support terrorism he arms Iran, Syria and Hizbollah. Hamas received these arms from Iran. So while Russia helps those that attack Israel. Obama. as flawed as he is, still helps Israel with funding and partnerships for the Iron Dome.
(7/10/2014 1:50:47 PM)
to #11
Hamas did not receive these arms from Iran, they are Syrian-made based on a Chinese design, as reported on Debka and NBC News.
(7/10/2014 5:11:17 PM)
Stop Obsessing Over Obama
You surely believe that G-D alone is in control of every detail that goes on in this world. You surely understand that Israel itself decides what actions to take after analyzing the situation. You probably also have noticed that for the first time in a long time America has an administration under which Israel has not given up a single inch of land. Stop worrying about Obama, you're just working yourself up for nothing.
(7/10/2014 5:30:40 PM)
to #11
and who supported Assad regeem is that not syria
(7/10/2014 5:36:39 PM)
to #14
I believe the motivation in supporting Assad was that whoever would replace him would be far worse... which we already see is the case with ISIS.
(7/10/2014 11:29:11 PM)
You forgot Rabbi Dovid Moshe Lieberman chief rabbi of Antwerp
(7/11/2014 8:48:03 AM)
(7/14/2014 8:09:24 AM)
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