May 13, 2014
"Children's Tanya" To Be Printed

A local Chabad school will be holding a children's Tanya printing on Lag B'Omer to unite children around the world.

A newly established local Chabad school will be holding a children's Tanya printing on Lag B'Omer, in the merit of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, whose Yahrtzeit is on that day.

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch, founded 5 years ago by Rabbi Mottel and Mila Shnaiderman, is run 'Al Taharas Hakodesh' and utilizes open classroom settings while following the Rebbe's directives on education.

Currently the school is educating over 60 students, with separate classes for boys and girls in preschool, elementary, after-school and summer programs.

The Tanya printing, the first public event for the school, will commemorate the special printing of 1,000 copies of the Tanya uniting all Jewish children around the world.

The school invites everyone to be a part of this special event, offering refreshments, entertainment, and special program for children, featuring Pesukim, arts, entertainment by the Ballooner Rebbe, acrobats and cotton candy.

The printing will take place Sunday, Lag B’Omer at 1451 President Street (btw Kingston and Albany) at 2 pm.

Guests will have the opportunity to take part in a raffle for a chance to win one year tuition for any grade in OYYL, worth $7000. All the proceeds from the raffle will go to cover the printing cost.

To buy a ticket, visit, or call 646-450-4770 (leave a message with your name and phone number).

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Opinions and Comments
A very happy parent
Best school ever!!!
The shnaidermans are the most dedicated educators I've ever seen . Go see for yourself, you will see happy children who are all thriving
(5/13/2014 8:46:41 PM)
An amazing school!!
Oholei Yoseph Yitzchok is an outstanding school! The children in this school are instilled with a love of yiddishkeit, and the pride to be a chossid. Continue making the Rebbe proud.
Brocha Leah G.
(5/13/2014 9:09:50 PM)
I wish my children can go to this school!
I live out of town. I wish there was a school in our city that instilled the Yiras Shomayim that Oholei Yoseph Yitzchok is successful at doing.
(5/13/2014 9:15:25 PM)
Unbelievable school
This is a school where every kid counts
My son who is very very shy has bh come out of his shell
(5/13/2014 9:16:08 PM)
Liani Family
Can't wait for the event!!
What a beautiful idea in light of this special day!
Thank you OYYL for being such a wonderful school for our children :)
(5/13/2014 9:16:39 PM)
This is an amazing school. The warmth and chasidishkeit are number one! Thank you rabbi shnaiderman for all your dedication at all hours!!!
(5/13/2014 9:30:57 PM)
Awsome school
great school, chassidish education... shneiderman is doing a great job.
looking forward
(5/13/2014 9:38:55 PM)
Great program
They have a Great after school program
Kids love it !
Shnaidermans are incredibly talented in whatever they do
(5/13/2014 10:03:06 PM)
therapist in the school
As a therapist in the school I vouch for what amazing talent mila shnaiderman (director, founder, principal, avd teacher) has and how devoted she is to the school, as well as all the other teachers.
The kids are happy and learn so much.
This sounds like an amazing event. Nice experience for the kids... Kol hakavod.
(5/13/2014 10:53:53 PM)
School with a vision!
This school is a revolutionary school in CH. they have a clear vision, soft heart, and an iron will to make this new school grow deep roots and bring many benefits to our community! It's real nachas to the Rebbe! Yashar Koach to all the staff!
(5/14/2014 1:07:05 AM)
Power of growth
It's so amazing to see how this little play group on Carroll st, grew into a whole Amazing School Community! Keep up your work!!
(5/14/2014 1:11:17 AM)
Love pictures!
This is the only school that promotes a deep hiskashrus to the Rebbe, and devotion to Davening. My kid davens with such deep feelings and devotion, it's Amazing to see how in 21st century it's possible to create a yeshiva that study only Tora Temima, so kinderlach are given an strong foundation of Tora Perspective so they can make better choices when they grow up. Great Job OYYL!
(5/14/2014 1:16:56 AM)
Morah Chaya pezner always greets my kids with a big smile
That's what I call a warm caring teacher
(5/14/2014 7:57:36 AM)
Amazing school
We love this school! The teachers give such outstanding attention to all of their students. I can't say how much we appreciate everything they do for our children.
(5/14/2014 9:18:54 AM)
sounds amazing
they should have a school like that in ca
(5/15/2014 1:33:28 AM)
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