Jan 20, 2014
Mikvah Thanks Fundraiser Donors

Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka of Crown Heights thanks all those who donated in their 4x match campaign, which raised over $137,000.

The founders of Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka, the new women's mikvah in Crown Heights thank everyone who donated to the 4X Match Fundraiser last week.

After being matched by donors Danny Branover, Osher Karnowsky and Avremel Lokshin, the donations of the community added up to $137,460, exceeding the goal by 37%.

The Mikvah extends a special thanks to the three generous donors who matched community donations.

"We are so touched by the amazing support we got so quickly," said Rabbi Moshe Pinson, the Mikvah's founder. "We had to up the campaign in less than 3 hours, which was how soon we reached the first goal."

Funds raised by last week's 4X Match Fundraiser are being used to purchase and install tile in the Mikvah.

Special thanks also to our contracter, Moshe Weisz of Blackstone Contractors, for their dedcation to making the Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka a priority.

The community can see their money at work by following the Mikvah on Facebook, where photos of construction progress are frequently posted.

Although the outpouring of support for Mikvah Mei Chaya Mushka was impressive, donations are always accepted.

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Opinions and Comments
Yishar Koach!
it brings lots of Nachas to Hashem.
Yishar Koach!
Hashem is going to make all donators very rich, double and double.....
(1/20/2014 8:42:34 PM)
People of Charidy
Thank the people who created this Platform
Amazing MItzvah what a zechus
Y Gurwitz and L Simpson. to name a few
Helping tens of shluchim too
(1/20/2014 9:39:11 PM)
Its the right thing
to thank profusely.....zai gebentsht!
(1/20/2014 10:20:36 PM)
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