May 11, 2013
Shliach Uses Precious Siddur
Photos: Levik Hertzel

Mazkir Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky has given the Rebbe's maaneh lashon booklet to Shliach Yitzi Hurwitz who's battling ALS.

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, Director of Chabad of Temecula in California who is battling ALS disease, visited the Rebbe's Ohel gravesite in Queens to pray for his and his family's well-being on Tuesday.

He was not alone. Members of the committee coordinating his medical and financial bills flew in from the West Coast to join him: Rabbis Shmuel Fogelman, Shlomo Bistritsky, Rueven Mintz, Yossi Baitelman and Simcha Backman.

A 'pan' letter to the Rebbe was written and signed by many shluchim around the world. Some friends of his spotted there were rabbis Levi Israel, Moshe Rosenfeld, Sholom Feldman, Naftoli Berkowitz, Chaim Chanoka and Reuven Wolff.

And if all that was not enough for moral support, Rabbi Hurwitz was given a precious prayer book to daven from.

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, the Rebbe's long-time secretary and Chairman of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, came to the Ohel as well and brought with him a most unique "Maaneh Lashon" booklet.

Rabbi Krinsky said the Rebbe had used it for almost 20 years when he visited the Ohel of his father-in-law, the Frierdiker Rebbe. When a Maaneh Lashon with larger print was printed, the Rebbe gave Rabbi Krinsky the old version.

When the Rebbe's car was stolen, the one thing the Rebbe inquired about: "Was the Maaneh Lashon in the car?"

Holding the booklet, Rabbi Hurwitz entered the Ohel with his family and friends. The whole Tehillim was read and Rabbi Krinsky read the 'pan' beseeching Hashem to bring the dedicated and good-hearted Shliach a full recovery.

After leaving the Ohel, with their hearts lighter, participants held a small farbrengen in one of the tents of Ohel Chabad-Lubavitch, where Rabbi Hurwitz spoke.

"My wife and I don't know why we were chosen for this difficult mission," he said in his powerful and inspiring remarks. "But we know it's for an important reason and we hope we can fulfill the Aibishter's rotzon."

He added that he wanted everybody to know that when he wakes up every morning, regardless of how he feels at that time, he tells Hashem, "I love You no matter what..."

At the end of the farbrengen, Shmuel Fogelman told a story he heard from his father, the veteran Shliach in Worcester, MA, Rabbi Hershel Fogelman.

When he went to Russia in 1977, he asked the Rebbe for a specific shlichus he could do, in addition to the many tasks he was given.

The Rebbe gave him a bottle of mashke and told him to farbreng with the chassidim in Moscow. The Communist government was putting tremendous pressure at the time on the Chabad communities, and although it was difficult to arrange the farbrengen, it was done.

After a full night of sitting together, Rabbi Fogelman and local chassidim took the empty bottle and wrote on it "Noki m'chashash atzvus" (clean from sadness). They asked Rabbi Fogelman to bring the bottle to the Rebbe.

Upon hearing the story, Rabbi Hurwitz took one of the empty bottles of mashka on the table and wrote on it "Noki m'chashash atzvus."

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Opinions and Comments
We should only hear good new please g-d
refuah shlema
(5/11/2013 5:32:38 AM)
chasidim ain misphcho
he should have a refuoh shlaimo
(5/11/2013 5:43:59 PM)
refuah shleima ukrova now!
(5/11/2013 6:55:24 PM)
holy yidden
may they have good news of all they asked for
right now
btov hanireh vhanigleh
moshiach now
as mosai????????????????????
(5/11/2013 10:09:37 PM)
The Rebbes car was stolen???
when did that happen?
(5/11/2013 10:17:22 PM)
good news
I was told by Yitzy that he opened an Igros to page raish pay alef....... and on that page the Rebbe was giving him brochos for good health. The main thing he has to do, the Rebbe said was to have Bitochon and follow the motto of the Rabbeim that of TRACHT GUT VET ZEIN GUT! May all of the Rebbe's Brochos be mikuyom bekorov mamosh. It's time Shluchim experience their own Miracles.
(5/11/2013 10:47:30 PM)
Mini Cooper
YITZIE we love you

Hashem should bless you with a speedy recovery and long and healthy life
(5/12/2013 12:44:39 AM)
I wish that Yitzi has a Refuah Shleimoh in all areas. I also wish the others would learn from all his wonderful qualities, including wearing a Kapoteh when going to the Rebbe's Ohel...
(5/12/2013 12:57:52 AM)
i dont know u but i feel i do
U are an amazing person . you are making such a kiddush Hashem . by thinking good u r proving to hashem u believe he can do anything even open miracles....he will reciprocate! Wish u the best.
(5/12/2013 2:11:21 AM)
moshiach now
Its high time. Yitzie you rock! You always have. Refua Shilaima Bkorov!
(5/12/2013 3:45:28 AM)
Mushi and his son Zalmy and shluchim
You guys have hearts of gold! Always willing to help other people in a time of need! May you both have alot of ! To the rest of the shluchim in support, only can re-pay you for your kindness! To Yitzy I daven every day for you and iyh you will be fine!!! We love you
(5/12/2013 8:04:52 AM)
Amazing bitochon!
(5/12/2013 8:51:57 AM)
To the 5 shluchim who have been there from day 1
Rabbis Shmuel Fogelman, Shlomo Bistritsky, Rueven Mintz, Yossi Baitelman and Simcha Backman.

Thank you thank you for the amazing good work you are doing for YITZIE , it's amazing how your always there and the support you give .

Hashem should bless each one of and our families with gezunt, happiness nachas ashirus and all good things for you and your family

(5/12/2013 9:28:49 AM)
May all their tefillos come true!
Refuah Shlaima!
(5/12/2013 9:31:29 AM)
Teh-teh-teh styrafoam
YITZIE we love you and we daven every day for your well being and for your family.

Like the rebbe says TRACHT GUT MACHT GUT .

You are an amazing person and we should all learn how to be positive from you .

We love you forever and we will dance at all your children's weddings amen amen

(5/12/2013 9:33:58 AM)

Dear Yitzi
We are all in an aw seeing you. You are amazing. Your good spirit and thought make us feel humble.
We love you and daven for you and your family.
I know and feel in every part of my being, that you will be well again. You will dance in your style at every single Simcha of your children; You and Your wife will walk your children to the Chupah at their Chasunah Gezunterheit and Freilecherheit.
You and your wife will also have the Nachas of walking with your children at their childrens Chasunah and see a Zera Chayo Vekayomo. Omen Veomen
(5/12/2013 10:36:22 AM)
refuah shleima ukrova
may you and your family enjoy long and healthy years together!
(5/12/2013 11:18:14 AM)
Ahavas yisroel
Beautiful achdus!
(5/12/2013 12:17:01 PM)
I prayed for you and your family
It was an honor to pray for you and your lovely family. You are a big light to our people and the world. May Ha Shem grant our request for a full recovery and to sanctify his holy name through the refuah shlemia.
(6/20/2013 5:42:39 AM)
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