Apr 12, 2013
Friends Throw 2nd Bar Mitzvah
Photos: Los Angeles photographer Yossi Percia

At a Bar Mitzvah at a California winery for the son of Shliach Yitzi Hurwitz, friends said they will be covering his medical bills.

By COLlive reporter
Photos by LA photographer Yossi Percia

Some 400 people come to the Lorimar Vineyards & Winery in the picturesque wine country of Temecula, California, for the Bar Mitzvah celebration of Eli Chaim Hurwitz last week.

Lawrence Lipton and Mark Mansfield, owners of the winery, originally set up for 150 participants. But they watched with joy as the crowd quickly swelled with guests driving in from as far as San Francisco.

It was a touching tribute to the boy's father, Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, Director of Chabad of Temecula who was recently diagnosed with ALS, known as Lou Gehrig's Disease which weakens physical abilities.

After a Bar Mitzvah was held in New York, Hurwitz's community members, friends and fellow Shluchim organized a second celebration on the West Coast.

Lipton and Mansfield, supporters of Hurwitz and his dedicated work, were happy to offer their award winning venue. The gourmet meal was generously catered by Mendel Goldman of MGM Catering.

The celebration and a magnificent community Shabbos that preceded it was ably coordinated by Yossi Burston.

California residents Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus of the 8th Day band sang some of their hits in acappella and the celebration had an uplifting mood, thanks to Rabbi Hurwitz's humor and infectious smile.

His wife, Dina Hurwitz thanked everyone for coming and showing their love and support. "It is a tremendous privilege for our family to be Shluchim of the Rebbe - even in difficult times and in an isolated place such as Temecula," she said.

The event was emceed by R' Shmuel "Mushi" Fogelman of Los Angeles, who is one of the 5 members on a committee that has vowed to support the Hurwitz family medically, emotionally and financially in the coming years.

"We need every amount possible to allow them to go through this trying period," he said. "And we need your contributions now to assist this wonderful chossid, shliach, husband, father and friend to many."

Fogelman is joined by Rabbi Shlomo Bistritsky, Rabbi Reuven Mintz, Rabbi Simcha Backman and Rabbi Yossi Baitleman.

A New York-based group includes R' Moshe Rosenfeld, R' Shlomy Feldman and R' Naftali Berkowitz.

They urged the public to continue praying for Yitzchok ben Bracha and make a monthly or one-time pledge at www.HurwitzFamilyFund.com.

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Opinions and Comments
Fab 5
I was at the bar mitzvah mrs Hurowitz referred to them as the fab 5 they truley are. Bistritsky Backman fogelman Baitelman Mintz you are an inspiration
(4/12/2013 9:52:00 PM)
New york la bar mitzvah it good to see such amazing achdus
(4/12/2013 10:06:30 PM)
super cow fan
wow holy cow thats one awe-some bar-mitzvah
(4/13/2013 5:11:52 AM)
Shluchay adonainu. chasidim ain mishpocho
(4/13/2013 5:33:23 PM)
mazel tov!
omg everything is beautyful!!!! love it
mazel tov!!
(4/13/2013 7:34:16 PM)
Shluchim and Lubavitcher families
You are one amazing bunch!
(4/13/2013 8:49:33 PM)
Friend of your mother
I don't know you personally, but I say Tehillim for you every day. Mazel Tov on your simcha, may you have a Refuah Shleima B'karov Mamash & many, many more simchas!
(4/13/2013 9:24:11 PM)
Rosheit teivas "Ani Hava'ya Roifecha..". Mamosh NOW! Is this a Kosher winery?
(4/13/2013 10:11:45 PM)
OY Rebbe
You see the achdus your chassidim have? Where is Moshiach? Ad Mosai?
(4/13/2013 10:27:43 PM)
Refuah shelaima inganyzten!
May he be completely healed and may it be as of he never had this diagnosis!!!
(4/13/2013 10:50:41 PM)
What an inspiration! The Ahavas Yisroel jumps literally jumps off the screen. May he have a refuah shlaima and celebrate the cure with an even bigger celebration.

(4/13/2013 10:52:12 PM)
Shluchim zeinen, takeh, ain mishpocha!!!!!
(4/13/2013 11:23:43 PM)
mazal tov
Yitzi Hurwitz is a just a good guy!!!!!!!
I still remember him as my head counselor in machne menachem, he gave me the best summer! He is the one who taught me chassideshe niggunim.
He had so much chayoos he just made my summer experience. I am looking at these pictures and I am having flashbacks. I am realizing how much he touched my life in ways he doesn't know and I never realized.
The aibeshter should bless you to be completely gezunt the month of iyar is all aout hashem healing people.
Mazal tov Eli Chayim may you give your parents a lot of nachas and follow in your father's footsteps.
(4/13/2013 11:39:51 PM)
ahavas yisroel is a keili to receive brochos... as we learned from watching the bais rivkah production. may these zchusim be a keili for a complete refuah!!!! and only simchas! moshiach now!
(4/13/2013 11:44:05 PM)
Aibishter !!! Rebbe!!!!! What are you waiting for??? Look at your kinderlach. Mee Kamcha Yisroel ?If this isn't the opposite of Sinas Chinam what is.Enough is enough!!!
(4/14/2013 12:23:43 AM)
to #14
so beautifully said
Moshiach NOW
(4/14/2013 12:28:31 AM)
your long island friends were there in spirit. mazal tov!
(4/14/2013 12:55:25 AM)
Moshiach is coming!!!!!!
(4/14/2013 12:57:54 AM)
Yossi Eilfort
Always bringing happiness to people!
(4/14/2013 1:36:05 AM)
Medical Marijuana. For ALS
This is no joke. Rabbi Horowitz may Hashemite grant you a refua Shleima. Recently I encountered a group lobbying the FL legislature to approve medical marijuana. They had a lady in a wheelchair who has lived with ALS for 27 years. Maybe it's hashgocha protis that I was there and now am reading this story. Don't wait and don't take this as a joke. I met her in person and was amazed. Please look into it.

Lastly Mazal Tova.

The website about her story http://www.examiner.com/video/cahty-jordan-als-patient

I beg you to look into it and start right away. Hashem put you in a state where you can readily get it. If someone else reads this please make sure rabbi Horowitz gets this information.

Tzvi Bogomilsky
Miami Beach Fl.
(4/14/2013 9:16:08 AM)
rebbe its ur son take care of him
(4/14/2013 10:24:25 AM)
(4/14/2013 10:37:26 AM)
Go Fruma
(4/14/2013 11:06:21 AM)
We would like to correct an omission from this article: Rabbi Eli Rosenfeld of the Shluchim Fund was the single largest contributor to this Bar Mitzvah and has helped IMMENSELY with the Hurwitz Family Fund. From the outset of Yitzy's illness, Eli has been there helping the family both financially and emotionally through these trying times.

We are all deeply grateful for Eli and wish him much hatzlocho in his unbelievable work on behalf of Shluchim.

Rabbis Shlomo Bistritsky, Shmuel Fogelman, Yossi Baitelman, Reuven Mintz and Simcha Backman.
(4/14/2013 4:55:12 PM)
rachel malkin
yesterday's l.a. times. article about cedars-sinai als research program (visited by stephen hawkings who's had als since 1963)
(4/14/2013 7:32:17 PM)
To # 8.of course its a kosher winery! Its the Oxnard kosher winery!
(4/14/2013 8:00:31 PM)
to 8 & 26
The winery is in Temecula not Oxnard it is called Lomier winery it is not kosher. The Bar mitzva was in the vineyards. Last I checked grapes are kosher.
(4/14/2013 9:19:17 PM)
to #26
if you read the article you will see that this winery is the Lorimar WInery in Temecula...not Kosher ( not the Herzo g Oxnard Winery). The owners graciously allowed them to use the grounds. It was only used as an outdoor venue for the Bar-Mitzvah with Elite Catering (m. goldman) for food service reception. Beautiful! continued simchas!
(4/14/2013 9:25:17 PM)
Worth looking into!!!!!
It seems like both links aren't working, but they can google Cathy Jordan (the woman you wrote about) or go to www.alsandcannabis.com
Rabbi Hurwitz,
May you have a complete and speedy miraculous refuah and not need any medical or alternative intervention.
(4/15/2013 10:34:47 PM)
refuah shelaima
refuah shelaimah Yitzi!Hurwitzs,I love you! I miss you soooooooo much.chava,moussie,fruma, cant wait to see you in Cali. : )
(11/13/2014 8:31:44 PM)
(5/10/2015 8:14:47 PM)
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