Jan 9, 2013
A Tip To Better Understand

Chassidic researcher Rabbi Michoel Seligson shared a tip with Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim to better understand one of the Rebbe's works.

Students of Yeshiva Tiferes Bachurim in Morristown, New Jersey, held a farbrengen to celebrate Chof Daled Teves, the 200th yartzeit of the Alter Rebbe.

The guest speaker was Rabbi Michoel Seligson, a Mashpia and researcher of Chabad philosophy and history, who came in from Crown Heights.

He spoke about the founder of Chabad-Lubavitch chassidism, but asked to focus on the Hayom Yom, a daily dose of chassidic aphorisms and customs composed by the Rebbe.

For those that are interested to better understand it, he recommended to look into the daily portion of Chitas (Chumash, Tehillim and Tanya) cited for the time of its publication in 5703 (1942-3).

"Very often, you can find a remarkable connection to that day's lesson," he said and told of how the seemingly modest book came to be.

All present were overwhelmed by the knowledge and inspiration of Rabbi Seligson, said Rabbi Boruch Hecht, Director of Admissions of the Yeshiva for baalei teshuva.

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R' Yossi Krybus
Good to see you

Irvine, CA
(1/9/2013 4:43:17 PM)
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