Dec 26, 2011
Injured Bochur Out of Hospital

The Satmar Bochur critically injured after he crashed a forklift in the Williamsburg Armory a week ago was released from the hospital.

By COLlive reporter

The Satmar Bochur critically injured in the Williamsburg Armory in Brooklyn a week ago was released from the hospital Monday evening.

17-year-old Yaakov Meir Stein was injured last Sunday after he crashed a forklift while helping to dismantle a stage used in a Satmar event on Motzei Shabbos.

He backed into a metal beam and was wedged behind the wheel of the forklift, witnesses said.

The teen was taken to Bellevue hospital in Manhattan, and Jews around the world said Tehillim and prayed on his behalf.

He has been released this evening, thank G-d, after a miraculous recovery.

His father, Baruch Stein, Satmar Torah scholar and askan with many Lubavitch friends, sent heartfelt thanks to the many thousands of people who davened for him, and to all the well wishers.

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Archive photo: Baruch Stein and his son, Yaakov Meir Stein and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly
Archive photo: Baruch Stein and his son, Yaakov Meir Stein and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

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My daily Tehillim worked!
Thank you for the good news!
(12/26/2011 10:42:42 PM)
good news
im very happy that they followed the story and let us know the good ending (because most times they just say somthing bad happenened but dont follow up on it)so thanks for the good news
(12/26/2011 10:48:11 PM)
Thank you for the GOOD NEWS.

(12/26/2011 11:20:27 PM)
To the editors of COLLIVE.
(12/26/2011 11:22:55 PM)
Most wonderfull people.
The Stein family are one of the most wonderfull people.

Only Simchos.
(12/26/2011 11:24:43 PM)
TO # 1

How right you are.....

I thank the editor for this great piece of wonderful news.

And PLEASE, PLEASE continue to follow up on stories.

(12/26/2011 11:59:48 PM)
Reb Baruch Stein - A gem of a person
Reb Bauruch has tremendous yedios (knowledge ) in Chasidus Chabad as well in Chasidus Satmar and a Baal nigla.

He is a Chosid of Harav Zalmen Leib Shlita of Satmar.

He is Talmid of Harav Dovid Feistien Shlita.

He has MANY friends in Lubavitch Shlita.
(12/27/2011 12:12:45 AM)
Heart warming
It is heartwarming to see these varime (warm) and hearty comments from your readers.
What a great way to conclude the Yom Tov of Nisim (miracles).
From the Yom Tov of Chanukah to the Yom Tov of Purim and all the Lubavich important dates in between.
(12/27/2011 12:33:23 AM)
baruch Hashem!!!!
May he go l'Torah Chupah and Maasim Toivim with much health and joy
(12/27/2011 12:50:55 AM)
The Power of Mass Tehillim
Boruch Hashem!!
May he have a complete refuah!
(12/27/2011 2:46:45 AM)
He should continue having a complete refua
(12/27/2011 7:23:59 AM)
Nes Gadol Haya PO!!
BH!! A miracle for Chanukah! Thanks COL for the good news update!
(12/27/2011 9:03:48 AM)
Reb Baruch
Is a groise talmid chuchim!!!! an ohev yisroel and may he enjoy with his entire family years of nachas and simchas!!!!!

(12/27/2011 9:13:24 AM)
may we continue to hear good news!! thanks for this!!
(12/27/2011 9:53:33 AM)
Great News. He should have a complete recovery!!
(12/27/2011 10:12:38 AM)
Please allow me to join # 13 NF
(12/27/2011 10:12:45 AM)
attention collive: pls continue posting the good results of things that happen we never know and good news is good to hear :):):):)
(12/27/2011 10:19:43 AM)
Moshiach Now! He should stay healthy perfectly forever!
(12/27/2011 3:50:58 PM)
Baruch Hashem
(12/27/2011 6:11:20 PM)
is a tzadik too!!! and a groise talmid chochim!!!!!
(12/27/2011 6:44:34 PM)
baruch Hashem!!!
so... is he off my tehilim list
this is great!
(12/27/2011 9:34:33 PM)
That Yanky Stein was able to go home after one week in the hospital, defies medical logic.Anyone that was at the hospital the night that Yanky was brought in, including the doctors, were despair of any great hopes. It can only be in the zchus of his father, Boruch, that a miracilous and speedy recovery took place. Boruch has always been busy , day and night,doing chesed to others, and anyone that knows him will agree. The vast amount of tefillos by everyone that knows the Stein family, clearly had the right effect. Yanky is one that follows in his father's footsteps (both are long strided), and is always there willing to do someone a favor. May Hashem continue to shine his grace upon this beautiful family, and may Yanky have a complete Refuah at the same pace as till now. The miracilous lights of Chanuka shed a special aura on the Stein family this year, and may they continue to enjoy the special light and countenance that Hashem has shed on them.- Boruch- On behalf of many of your good friends and wellwishers in CH, and myself, we are there for you, as you would be for us. Yanky- I hope you are up and about soon so that I can fulfill my promise to you the third night in the hospital,and take you out for that Cowboy steak.
(12/28/2011 1:42:57 AM)
good news
This is great news as a hatzolah member I did not think that this kid will make it bourch keep strong.
(12/28/2011 2:02:48 AM)
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