Dec 4, 2011
Donor Pulls Through for Chabad has the exclusive on the individual who stepped forward at the "11th Hour" to stop the foreclosure on the Chabad West Coast Headquarters building in Los Angeles.

By COLlive reporter

It appears that the individual who recently donated $5 million to save the Litvish Yeshivas Mir-Yerushalayim is the same person who stepped forward at the '11th hour' to stop the foreclosure on the Chabad West Coast Headquarters building in Los Angeles.

Sources close to the events have disclosed to that the person was Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, a Los Angeles-based communal activist and known philanthropist.

Rechnitz quietly made the contribution to the Mir Yeshivah as his way of honoring the life and achievements of its revered Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel OBM, who passed away on Cheshvan 12, and with whom Rechnitz had a close relationship over the years.

In helping alleviate the Yeshiva's crushing debt, Rechnitz was seeking to fill some of the void left in the wake of the Rosh Yeshiva's passing, as it was the Rav who shouldered the burden for many years.

We were told that it was the same magnanimous conscientiousness that prompted Rechnitz to prevent the irreversible loss of Chabad of Westwood, the world's first "Chabad House" and central office for Chabad of California.

All efforts to try to ward off the court's sale of the property had been exhausted and the note-holder was said to be literally moments away from taking legal ownership when Rechnitz stepped forward and bought off the note for $2.6 million, bringing the dreadful proceedings on that fateful Friday afternoon to a grinding halt.

Thanks to him, the Chabad House has since remained open and fully functional. Rabbi Chaim Nachum Cunin has comfirmed this information with on Sunday.


Observers have said that they cannot even imagine what a huge blow it would have been to the strength and morale of Chabad of California had it, G-d forbid, suffered the loss of its original, most prominent and key facility.

Though usually inconspicuous in his efforts, Rechnitz has come to be recognized as one of the most active and impactful philanthropists in the Torah-observant world.

Friends describe him as an "equal opportunity giver," donating generous sums to all Yiddishe circles - be it Chassidish, Litvish, Modern-Orthodox and so on. "Shlomo is trying to emulate the example of his role-model in the realm of Tzedokah, Reb Berel Weiss."

Reb Berel, who passed away Iyar 27 of this year, was legendary for his philanthropy - not only in the sums that he gave, but to whom he gave them. He never turned away a situation of genuine need.

Upon his passing, many despaired that his loss would adversely affect the numerous vital causes he sustained - whether it was support for widows and orphans, the unemployed, gemilas chesed, hachnosas kallah, and countless Torah institutions and social organizations.

At the community's Shloshim memorial for Reb Berel Weiss, Rechnitz has publicly pledged to do his utmost to try to pick up the slack in the wake of Reb Berel's physical departure from this world. Apparently, the man has remained true to his word.

In addition to his generosity, many in the Torah-observant world are taken by Shlomo Rechnitz's amiability and approachability. He has an unassuming and disarming way about him - an affable personality - that allows people from all walks of life to feel comfortable and respected in his presence.

"Shlome Rechnitz is chesed personified," added that friend who has worked with the entrepreneur and philanthropist on many a project.

When not overseeing his business, attending a shiur or carrying out his charitable endeavors, Rechnitz enjoys indulging in his penchant for Chassidic music. He has helped produce a number of albums for Chassidic superstar Mordechai Ben David, and has composed a number of his hit songs, including Ana Melech and Shulem Aleichem on MBD's final album Kesufim.

Thanks to this understated hero, Jews in Jerusalem and California (and many places in between) are singing happy tunes today - in more ways than one.

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Opinions and Comments
True chesed
I know this man he is a true bal chesed extraordinary
(12/4/2011 6:30:09 PM)
thank you
(12/4/2011 6:33:19 PM)
one trick pony
There's only one thing this man knows how to do and that's to give and help other's. As somebody who's seen it first hand no Jews struggle is to small for this tzaddik to pay attention to and help out. Its so nice to see when hashem puts the money in the right hands. God bless you SYR!
(12/4/2011 6:54:14 PM)
i know this man personaly
You will meet thousands of people who will say I know this man personally . That is the type of person he is.
(12/4/2011 6:59:02 PM)
Mr. Rechnitz and his wife are true Balei Tzedoka ! Los Angeles is very lucky to have them in their midst.
May they be Gebentshed with continued Ashirus and abundant Brochos!
(12/4/2011 7:06:45 PM)
mr and mrs rechnitz
i have seen the chesed theses people do beyond your imagination. hashem should continue to give them and they will continue to give
(12/4/2011 7:29:59 PM)
much nachad and pride - from a fellow mespalel in Shaarei Torah
Shloimah Yehudah and his brother Yisroel Ze'ev are truly deserving of their Title "Twin Towers" such Torah ViGedulah Bimakom Exhad! May the Eibeshter be memaleh all of their needs and wants for them and their Mishpochois. I personally witness every day their undiscriminating Chesed done quietly and humbly. Yasher Koach!
(12/4/2011 7:35:28 PM)
Thank You Shlomo! Keep up the great work!
Many of my friends from all different communities and I, have benefited greatly from the Chabad House! That's where we learnt our heritage. Torah, Shabbat and Jewish culture - including the non-judgemental view of Chabad towards all people! That's what I know about Shlomo also!

*Thank You Shlomo! Keep up the great work!*
(12/4/2011 7:51:50 PM)
"Lo Yosur Shevet MiShlomo Yehuda!"
A true inspiration to our generation... May Hashem bless you and the Rechnitz family with gezunt, parnoso and nachas!
(12/4/2011 8:12:44 PM)
i went to school with the twin towers
they are gedoilim in Torah and Avodah and Gemilus Chassadim, true pillars of the world.
May we all be zoicheh to the geulah in their merit and the merit of all our holy people.
(12/4/2011 8:16:31 PM)
So appreciatve
Beautiful to see such a gesture of ahavas yisroel, may chabad reciprocate in areas where it can, and learn to "cross party lines" to help!
(12/4/2011 8:28:25 PM)
Right on Shlomo! A man who gives addicts a chance in life!
As a direct beneficiary of Chabad's Rehab Center, i can tell you of many addicts who have found someone who believes in them and their future life by receiving employment and financial, moral and spiritual support from SHLOMO, YISROEL ZEV and DUVI Right on!!! and BIG THANKS TO THE MEN OF TWINMED!!!!! ONE DAY AT A TIME BABY!!!!!
(12/4/2011 8:33:11 PM)
Ashrei chelkecha v'godol zechuscha!
By rescuing the world's first Chabad House and Yeshivas Mir, you have a chelek in all of the zchisim of all the Yidden throughout the world who are touched by Chabad and by Yeshivas Mir.
(12/4/2011 8:38:16 PM)
Ahavas Chinam!
WOW! What an example of Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas Chinam! This is what will bring the Geula!
(12/4/2011 8:40:09 PM)
Shlomo gave me a job and a new life...
I know Shlomo personally and my family and I are forever indebted to him for his everlasting kindness. This act comes as no surprise to me. Several years ago, after having lost my job, our home, and all that was dear to me, I fell and stumbled, and turned to drugs and alcohol as a way of escaping the pain and chaos. Shlomo took me off the street and believed in me, helping me through my journey of rehabilitation and when I completed my treatment at Chabad, he gave me a job and a self-esteem... I now live on the east coast with my wife and children, a family reunited. I owe it all to Hashem, and to his messenger Shlomo for believing in me, and teaching me how to believe in myself.
Every day I try to repay Shlomo's kindness by doing the only thing he ever asked of me: "Please return the favor by helping another Yid..."
I pray for Shlomo and his family daily that he and his family be blessed with good health and much joy.

(12/4/2011 8:49:24 PM)
A true example of
Lo Hamedrash ikar ...

Tizku LMitzvos!
(12/4/2011 9:08:58 PM)
true ahavas yisroel
true Ahavas Yisroel across party lines. Tzedaka for the sake of tzedaka. He and his wife are true examples of Ahavas Yisroel may hashem continue to bless them with health and parnosa. the true greatness is they help the little people too
(12/4/2011 9:15:25 PM)
This story is a much needed dose of Chizuk in a time of such Choshech! May Hashem bring the Geulah in the zchus of such acts! Thank you for bringing this amazing story. And may Hashem give many more brachos to Mr. Rechnitz umishpachto. Kol Hakavod!
(12/4/2011 9:20:08 PM)
Kiddush Hashem
What a tremendous Kiddish Hashem it is for
An individual to go beyond the distinctions
To give equally and broadly to yiddishe
Mosdos whether Litvish or Chabad. May
Hashem grant him plentiful brooches from
(12/4/2011 9:26:40 PM)
The Rechnitz brothers have taught our city how to give tzedaka...
(12/4/2011 9:28:25 PM)
yemos hamoshiach!!!
this man has bridged the gap between the talmidim of the ba'al hatanya and the vilna goan!
(12/4/2011 9:31:37 PM)
May Hakodosh Boruch Hu Bless You!
May Hakodosh Boruch Hu bless you in all your endeavors! Just as you have been the Shliach to bring salvation to the Rebbes House, may Hashem bless you and your entire household with all that you need materially & spiritually. Aser Tiasher!!
(12/4/2011 9:42:06 PM)
Thank You!
May Hashem bless you!
(12/4/2011 10:08:02 PM)
אין ירושלים נפדית אלא בצדקה
הצדקה אינה רק הלואה להקב"ה... וגמולו ישלם לו בכפלים בעולם הזה!!!!
(12/4/2011 10:08:41 PM)
The true hero
Shlomo and his wife Tamar are truly amazing people an open home open hearts and open pockets. May Hashem give them ten times as much
(12/4/2011 10:28:18 PM)
Thank you!!!
Thanx to the Rechnitz's BCM and the Cheder are saved from foreclosure. Thank you for providing and allowing our children to keep their schools.
(12/4/2011 10:31:01 PM)
Pillar of los angeles
Without a shadow of a doubt Shlomo is THE pillar of the Los angeles community! Helping Mosdos and families Litvish and chabad alike! I can't imagine One person in Los angeles who has not in some way benefited from his chesed! A true Ohev yisroel in every sense of the word!

May Hashsem bless you with your understanding of harchava and bli gvul more!

thank you!
(12/4/2011 10:34:50 PM)
Full name of this incredible donor?
Dear COL and/or its readers:

These accolades for this special man and his incredible Tzedokoh to any and all - and across all communal divides, speaks volumes about him. Many, like me, may like to have this special man in mind, in our Tefillos. Can someone post his name and mother's name, so we can Daven that Hashem continues to bless this worthy man bGu"R, and with the means and inspiration to continue and expand his Tzedokoh activities?
Bizchus these many incredible acts of Tzedokoh, may he, and we all, merit the G'uloh today - with the Rebbe at our helm, leading us!

Yossi Engel
Ad-D'lo-Yoda/Adelaide, Australia
(12/4/2011 10:49:41 PM)
The Rebbe does not remain a בעל חוב
This pure act of חסד is bigger then just one Chabad house. During these last minutes of גלות living in a time of כי הנה החשך יכסה ארץ it is a true breath of fresh air, for all shluchim and askanim out there who are treading harsh waters, to see that הקב״ה has His special shluchim doing His work! כל הכבוד
(12/4/2011 10:54:41 PM)
to borrow the words of Rabbi Jonothan Sacks.
If i could sum this up in one word....WOW
and if i could sum it up in two words Double WOW!
(12/4/2011 11:02:21 PM)
ch resident
der eibershter zol dir bentchen mit alles gut a grisen yasher koach
(12/4/2011 11:05:21 PM)
Thank you Mr. Rechnitz!
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" for being the hero that rose to the occasion, for doing what had to be done to save what couldn't be lost... I "found my way home" at Chabad House in the 1980s and if it were not for the Jewish connection I discovered there I would have never met my Jewish wife and soul-mate with whom we together started a beautiful Jewish family. We met and were married at Chabad House and this year we celebrated the birth of our first grandchild -- born in Eretz Yisrael!
You have "paid it forward" and Hashem will pay you back -- a thousandfold!
(12/4/2011 11:07:42 PM)
hes special
(12/4/2011 11:10:49 PM)
ch resident
der eibershter zol dir bentchen mit alles gut a grisen yasher koach
(12/4/2011 11:13:11 PM)
heart of every yid
if you were ever in los angeles for a shabbos you have probably seen the weekly lines gathered outside his home where all types of yiden from everywhere are received and helped by this man with a heart of pure gold...
(12/4/2011 11:15:07 PM)
kol hakovod
Sholom Yehuda is an example of selfless love of yidden. He is humble and caring. May he and his family have many brochos!
(12/4/2011 11:16:13 PM)
yailchu michayil el choyil
reb shlomo yehudah and his mishpocho are hashems gift to our current generation plaged with this very dark golus most of his enormus chesed will never bi known to the public as he is so discreet about his chesed. the amount of mishpochos who are employed and lead normal yidishe lives due to his kindness is countless may hashem bless him and his entire mishpucha with kol tuv selah may this be the final act to finally bring moshiach
(12/4/2011 11:21:05 PM)
this is what the internet was created for thanks 4 posting story col
(12/4/2011 11:25:55 PM)
I went to school with him and i can tell you that he always gave more than he had even before he had what he has
he is living proof that when you give tzedaka without a gevul that hakodosh boruch hu gives you ashirus without a gevul...
(12/4/2011 11:42:24 PM)
Toras emes alumni
SY and YZ are proud alumni of toras emes in LA and have stepped forward to help the school during these tough times. As a fellow alumni of TE, I'm deeply thankful to them for their gr8 work. May Hashem repay them (like Yitzchok Avinu) 100 times over.
(12/4/2011 11:43:11 PM)
Shlomoh Yehudah ben Libah Devorah, Yisroel Zev ben Libah Devorah LiBrachah ViHatzlachah!
Shlomoh Yehudah ben Libah Devorah, Yisroel Zev ben Libah Devorah LiBrachah ViHatzlachah!
(12/4/2011 11:45:33 PM)
Mr. Gershon beck
Wha oooo,
Way to go Shlomo !!!!!
Dem aibishter zal bench dir viter and viter !!!!!
(12/4/2011 11:59:00 PM)
For every one story made public, there are 100 that are not... ...of the same magnitude.
(12/5/2011 12:01:54 AM)
1 "negative" comment
I personally witnessed the Rechnitz Brothers being Mechalel Yomtov B'Farhesia. About a month and a half ago, on the Second day of Succos, a Yid was arrested and sent to LA County Jail (with murderers and white supremacists). The jailed person's Kehilla approached the Rechnitz Brothers in middle of Shachris for help. Within an hour and after receiving a Psak Halacha, they went into the bank to issue a Cashiers Check for $250,000. They didn't even know the inmate. There's nothing these people wouldn't do for someone else.
(12/5/2011 12:13:36 AM)
faith restored
with all the tzoros we are all going thru.... it is so refreshing and inspiring to hear about such angels of hashem reb shlomo yehudah your humility and kindness have truly strengthened my emunah and bitochon may hashem continue to shower you with endless brochos of gezunt parnoso and nachas may your finances allow you to relieve every moisad that seeks your assistance you are the very best and we will all continue to have you in mind in our tifilos
(12/5/2011 12:22:11 AM)
Reb Berl Weiss z"l
I heard Rabbi Rechnitz speak at the levaya of Reb Berl Weiss z"l of how he was mentored by him in Tzedaka... I was very moved. Rabbi Rechnitz has now assumed the leadership role of Tzedaka giving championed by Reb Berl Weiss z"l...
(12/5/2011 12:22:46 AM)
When Reb Berel would hear about a great thing the Rechnitz Brothers did, he would say Mitalmidai Yoser M'kulom. He would say they surpassed him in the amounts and ways they gave out tzedakah.
We should learn how to give without a cheshbon. It doesn't start with 5 Million. It starts when you have small money!!
(12/5/2011 12:47:57 AM)
may we all act worthy of this wonderful chesed, and he should have brachos in everything.
(12/5/2011 12:49:41 AM)
Zvi Boyarsky
Only HASHEM knows how much Chesed this Tzadik does behind the scenes for so many tuzbrochen Yidden. I dont think thre;s any one person who knows how much he does for so many. We should all Daven that HASHEM continue to shower him with brochos ad bli dai bc he sure knows what to do with it.
(12/5/2011 1:25:15 AM)
This man will stop at nothing to help a fellow Jew. He practices what others preach and speaks with action, not words...
"Emor me'at va'aseh harbeh..."
(12/5/2011 10:26:22 AM)
its owed to the shliach
after all the mesirass nefesh
and a big thanks to the shliach rechnits
(12/5/2011 10:28:47 AM)
matan beseiser
he helped my parents when we faced financial crisis because of a medical emergency without us knowing so we won't feel shame from getting tzedaka. i searched 2 years until i was able to know for sure that he was the one who took care of my family.
(12/5/2011 10:34:25 AM)
may all the brochos he receives
be mekuyem in open, revealed and smooth ways for him, his family and all of klal yisroel.moshiach now
(12/5/2011 10:43:41 AM)
What a Tzadik...
(12/5/2011 10:46:42 AM)
ben torah
in addition to his tzedakah and his businesses the man is a ben torah who sits and learns every day for hours and never misses a minyan.
(12/5/2011 10:52:03 AM)
For many reasons I can not divulge who I am or how I know the details. Suffice it to say, that this blurb on Shlomo Yehudah is only the smallest insight into what kind of DAILY miracles he is performing. I am from a Chasidish/traditional family (I of course admire Chabad tremendously. As I believe any clear thinking, educated person is. And theres certainly no need to inform the readers of this website about what Chabad does). I just want your readers to be aware of the following: You will never know all of the people he has helped because they are too numerous. I personally know of millions of dollars that he has given the details of which will never see the light of day. I dont know why some people are blessed with more wealth than others. Occasionally however, I do. And this is just such a man. Its not just how much he gives and to whom. He is literally a direct channel from on High.
(12/5/2011 11:08:14 AM)
The mentor
R Berel Weiss z"l really revolutionized what it means to give tzedakah and it wasn't just enough that he was a tremendous bal tzedakah but he taught others as well " tofaich al Mina's lehatfiach" may hashem bless the rechnitz ears with much more success .
(12/5/2011 11:49:57 AM)
a shliach in a small midwest city
WOW. thanks a million for taking care of one of the rebbe's moisdois. may hashem bless you
(12/5/2011 12:04:47 PM)
not commented yet
one thing no one has yet said is all the people who are employed because of the Rechnitz brothers either directly or helping start businesses etc.. etc... Real Tzaddikim.
(12/5/2011 12:29:34 PM)
Kesser Shem Tov Oleh Al Gabeiem
The Rechnitz Twins are a true Dugme Chaya's for all, we are so lucky to have them here in LA. We have the ability to learn from them that life is all about giving, true happiness is when we give to another it makes our heart complete!
(12/5/2011 12:43:36 PM)
Enjoy's seeing yidden succesfull
There are many wealthy ppl who give tzedokah yet when it comes to other ppl making money (with/off/from) them they are very tight."biz is biz" but NOT rechnitz they take joy in seeing other yidden have success as well. Continue!
(12/5/2011 1:01:54 PM)
Hashem is giving us so we should give.......we are just the channel! Very impressed about the Rechnitz"s even tho i never heard of them, NOW i sure did!
(12/5/2011 1:15:10 PM)
Ribbon shel olam look how beautiful are your people in this zechus the Geula should come
(12/5/2011 1:40:52 PM)
moshiach IS coming!
Witnessing the overwhelming achdus that has recently emerged from within the frum community is a glimpse of what it will be like when Moshiach comes.

THIS is the spark of Moshiach that every Jew possesses. May our sparks burst into flame and bring the Guela shlaima.

Thanks COL, for posting such a wonderful story. It is for THIS that you were created. Keep them coming.
(12/5/2011 2:36:34 PM)
He has paid to educate more yiddishe kinderlach al daas torah than perhaps any other yid in history...
Those who know, know
(12/5/2011 2:41:00 PM)
you dont have to have millions...
to do what he does. if you want to make a difference in this world then you start by giving proportionately like him. i heard that he gives more than half of his income to tzedaka. he gives his time and attention to helping other jewish people who are in pain, which is both priceless and free... this story is a wake up call in the last hours of golus to do all and more than you are able to help a fellow jew.
(12/5/2011 8:00:29 PM)
This is such a wonderful story to read! I"YH everyone should have a yeshua!
(12/5/2011 9:10:46 PM)
His music is really beautiful and hartzig
You should listen to his compositions as sung by MBD on his recent albums... He is really gifted.
(12/5/2011 9:12:32 PM)
To #11
I would just lke to make a point to number 11 above. He writes: "Beautiful to see such a gesture of ahavas yisroel, may chabad reciprocate in areas where it can, and learn to "cross party lines" to help!"

The Rebbe saved Torah V'daas from closing many years ago, and probably many other non-Chabad institutions. We have learned from him, and give across the board. Chabad Houses are open for everyone, and help everyone, from every background. In our Chabad House, we have welcomed Satmar, Neturei Karta, Breslev, misnagdim, and unaffiliated, amongst many others.
(12/5/2011 9:17:32 PM)
To #69: Thank you!
I have been following this thread and the comments with great interest. You are so correct in the the Rebbe has bailed out countless non-Chabad mosdos over the years, providing funding, resources and koach... That's what makes this story so special. To the Rebbe, there is no "us" and "them". The Rebbe taught us by living example that we are all part of one complete "Klal Yisroel", all of us responsible to and for each other, physically and spiritually. The Rebbe was constant and consistent in urging all Jewish leaders and communities to do more Ahavas Yisroel, more Kiruv Halevavos, more Gemilus Chasodim, more Hafotzas HaTorah IN THEIR OWN WAY AND WITH THEIR UNIQUE MINHAGIM AND APPROACH. Watch the videos and every Sunday when Rabonim and Gedolim would come to the Rebbe, each of them were told "Lemaan yaarich yomim al mamlachtoi!" This heroic act in California sends a clear and bold message to the entire Jewish world to set any and all differences or mihagim aside and love another Jew. Not DESPITE our differences but BECAUSE of our differences, which make us so special to Hashem.
(12/5/2011 10:02:30 PM)
Thank You Rechnitzes!
גדולה צדקה שהיא מביאה את האדם לחיי עוה"ב ומארכת ימיו ושנותיו של אדם, והיא ממהרת יום בן דוד וימות גאולתן (תנדבא"ז פ"א
(12/5/2011 11:06:12 PM)
Honored to be part of your Shul. Go Shaarei Torah!
חשובה מצוות צדקה שעל ידי הרדיפה אחר צדקה ימצא חיים עושר וכבוד כדכתיב רודף צדקה וחסד ימצא חיים צדקה וכבוד (קידושין מ' רשי שם) ימצא חיים לעולם הבא צדקה וכבוד בעולם הזה.
(12/5/2011 11:10:59 PM)
Very Inspiring - Really an honor
To see this selfless dedication to Hashem, The Torah and Their Fellows on a day in day out basis is really having the honor to see with your Enayim of basar Gadlus the like of Moshe Rabbeinu, Shlomo Hamelech, Don Joseph Nasi, Sir Moses Montefiore. Make no mistake; here we are zoicheh to have a Mishpochoh taking care of Klal Yisroel and Reb Yisroel - literally. Let's all be mispalel for their continued success and well-being - when things are good for them, things are good for the whole oilam.. Yasher Kochachem!
(12/5/2011 11:34:40 PM)
kol hakavod
kol hakavod, rechnitz!
(12/6/2011 12:43:36 AM)
Your act of chesed brought tears to my eyes and my hand to my credit card!
You are a hero
(12/6/2011 4:06:03 AM)
Shalosh Seudos With Shlomo Yehudah
There he sits: Right there in the middle of the table with everyone else, singing the shabos zemiros so geshmak, creating an ambiance for everyone to feel welcomed and loved both the warmth of the community and Shabbos and to experience the nachalas Yaakov Avinu in such a choshuva way - i feel Shabossdik just writing this! Nizkeh liGOel Tzedek very soon in the zchus of the Twin Towers!
(12/6/2011 4:10:58 AM)
שלמה יהודא
שלמה יהודא


שמחה גדולה
רבי אליהו מוילנא
יבוא המשיח יבוא
יהי שלום
חייל של אהבה
(12/6/2011 4:39:33 AM)
Proud Friend
Shlomo Yehuda and Tamar are two of the most amazing people in the world. They make you feel as if you are doing THEM a favor when they help you.
(12/6/2011 5:35:21 PM)
B"h he should be able to keep it up for a long long time and live to 120 !!!!
(12/7/2011 10:03:52 AM)
keep it up!!!
(12/14/2011 10:31:25 AM)
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