Nov 9, 2011
Series: Kabbalah for Dummies

No fake Hollywood Kabablah; this is the real thing. commences a groundbreaking series on Chassidic Kabbalah. Over the next four weeks, Rabbi Yossi Paltiel will teach you the fundamentals of Kabbalah. Give yourself a gift for a lifetime.

“This is not Madonna pop-Kabbalah,” says Rabbi YY Jacobson, dean of “This is the real Kabbalah. Come along on a transformative journey,” he says.

Over the next four Tuesdays, Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, a well known educator and teacher of Chassidus, will present the fundamentals of Kabbalah. “This will give you an understanding in some of the major issues the Kabbalah tackles. It will open a new world to you,” said Jacobson.

The new series by Rabbi Paltiel, commencing tonight on, are using the text of one of the most famous discourses of the Alter Rebbe—the Maamar Pasach Eliyahu in Torah Or Parshas Vayeira—which revealed to the world the depth of Kabbalah as appreciated in the works of Chabad Chassidism.

This first class explore the dynamic of the “Sefiros”, which “are so close, yet so far.”

This groundbreaking Chassidic Kabbalah course by Rabbi Paltiel is aired each Tuesday at and

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