Oct 2, 2011
PR Guru Lauds Chabad

In his recently published book, PR guru Ronn Torossian highlights Chabad.org as a model for organizations and websites.

By COLlive reporter

In his recently published book, entitled For Immediate Release, PR guru Ronn Torossian highlights Chabad.org as a model that organizations and websites can learn from.

"Chabad does an enviable job of listening to its constituents, ingratiating itself, and becoming an integral part of their lives, allowing others to spread the word and entice more people to join the conversation," writes Torossian, who is the founder and CEO of 5WPR, one of the 25 largest PR firms in the country.

In his book, Torossian discloses the strategies and successes of creating his own PR agency, 5W Public Relations, an agency modeled after the core-principles of a no-nonsense approach.

Aside from Chabad.org, he reveals candid insider stories including insights from top-tier consumer brands such as Whole Foods, Louis Vuitton, Zappos, BP, Toyota, and a variety of other fascinating and useful case studies.

"[Chabad.org] has, in particular, harnessed technology and social networking to fulfill its mission, and is an example of how organizations can go to where their constituents live in order to listen to and interact with them, even if they are in far-flung areas of the globe."

Torossian, who has been in the "40 under 40" lists of PR Week and Advertising Age, goes on to highlight a number of Chabad.org's successes, including on Facebook and social media, citing a few recent posts.

"Chabad offers advice and news that's current and usable--and integrated in one place. There's really nowhere else on the Web where you can find as much Jewish content," he wrote.

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Billy Bronstein
What a good model for Am Israel - to be involved in modern life and help am Israel. Mazel Tov Ronn Torossian of 5WPR
(10/3/2011 5:33:51 AM)
Kol Hakavod to Zalmen & Meir simcha
Zalmen is an unusual boss who gives free reign and funding to his workers to do and create, and Meir Simcha is a most unbelievable team leader.
Wishing the whole team continued Hatzlacha.
(10/3/2011 8:05:24 AM)
Kol Hakavod Ronn Torossian 5WPR
You have supported Chabad many many years and have helped many shlichim. Hope your book does great I just bought 3.
(10/3/2011 9:11:46 AM)
A Fan
Amazing indeed. I will never forget the original founder of Chabad.org - Rabbi Yossi Kazen - who worked tirelessly to instill the precedent that Chabad.org holds up so well today. It is indeed an honor to have known and worked with him, and to see his legacy blossom so beautifully.
(10/3/2011 12:45:41 PM)
Go Ronn!
You add so much spirit to Chabad of the West 60s!
(10/3/2011 2:22:48 PM)
PR firm
PR is one of the wheels that makes Chabad go around and having Known Ronn Torossian and 5WPR many years I support them and say Yasher Koach.
(10/3/2011 8:16:24 PM)
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