Sep 12, 2010
Adams Might Help With Jobs
Photos: Yossi Percia/COLlive

As elections near, NY State Senator Eric Adams visited Crown Heights to wish "Shana Tova" and meet the new Vaad Hakohol.

By COLlive reporter in Crown Heights

As primary elections in New York draw near, State Senator Eric Adams of Brooklyn was in Crown Heights Sunday to deliver happy new year wishes to the Jewish community and meet the new communal leadership.

At the offices of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC / Vaad Hakohol), Adams met with the recently elected members Zaki Tamir, Yossi Hackner and Fishel Brownstein.

Following the wishes for a "Shana Tova," Adams said he was looking to see how his office can better work with theirs to help each other.

Adams came along with his Chief of Staff Ingrid Lewis-Martin and Lubavitch aide Reuven Lipkind. Chanina Sperlin attended at the request of both parties.

Adams - who represents the 20th Senate District, which includes Flatbush, Crown Heights and Park Slope - expressed his wishes to further unite the Jewish and black communities "for the benefit of both."

He said many initiatives are being organized and more are planned but there needs to be a way to communicate it to the public and get the word out.

Tamir, Chairman of the CHJCC, mentioned the Crown Heights employment project, as Adams has recently met with independent Crown Heights organizations about helping with funding.

Businessman and venture capitalist Sam Chanin has joined to assist with the employment project, Admas was told at the meeting.

The Democratic State Senator asked to be updated on the developments of the project and said he will look into the possibility of government funding for it.

Tamir thanked him in the name of his colleagues, but pointed out that the involvement of the residents was also crucial.

"We need volunteers and we need the people to pay the Mas Hakohol (community tax) so we can make this work as a community," Tamir told

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not quite certain how the government can help with jobs. if they are funding the jobs, isn't quite the equivalent of one man digging holes for the other man to fill up? where are they going to get the money from exactly? other people who already work? i wish people were so blind-sighted by this rhetoric garbage. the guy wants votes and will promise the brooklyn bridge for it.
(9/13/2010 3:44:24 AM)
Laugh out loud
Chanina Sperlin. He isn't going anywhere. Why not invite every other Mendy and Mushky on the street. You can elect 10 new Vaads without Sperlin, and he'll still be at the table. He is the undeniable leader of Crown Heights.
(9/13/2010 6:15:32 AM)
go zaki
rootin for you
(9/13/2010 8:59:48 AM)
The pictures say it all...
What an embarrassment, the pictures show what the real thoughts are when they sit together, the room is dirty, the bookshelves look messy, the picture of the Rebbe is not centered and the window shades are not even.

Everyone knows perception is everything, clean up the mess.
(9/13/2010 9:03:28 AM)
What does it mean might help ???
Usually a politician promises 20 jobs we might get 4 Jobs.
But if a politician just says Might help chances are ...

Zaki, you have to be more forcefull and convincing.

Any way good luck. amd Gmar Chasima Tova
(9/13/2010 9:33:47 AM)
#2 face the fact
face the fact:

no one can do here anything without his help!!

say thnk you for a change!!!
(9/13/2010 11:01:23 AM)
Socialism doesn't work
What's with the government jobs, that is not the solution, we need more private sector jobs, the vaad should try to get the people from our own community or outside and make a list available, or get government funding to provide for practical skills for people to become competent individuals who can create jobs and be successful on their own.
(9/13/2010 2:10:32 PM)
Yossi Hackner is the real deal
Yossi is the solution to Crown Heights! The shchunah really needs his leadership as a talmid of the Rosh.
(9/13/2010 5:20:49 PM)
"We need volunteers"
where d'you sign up?
(9/13/2010 5:46:13 PM)
Great work, great leadership
(9/13/2010 8:06:05 PM)
If he might get us jobs, tell him we might vote for him.
(9/14/2010 11:02:52 AM)
what dont you undertsatnd these people dont know Tamir they know Chanina.
(9/14/2010 2:20:03 PM)
To 7 and 1 regarding "job" creation
You guys are right, the government creating "jobs" is none sense.

If they wan to help in that regards, let them stay out of the way of business and cut the red tape.

How about a social security tax holiday?

That way , listen to this CRAZY IDEA:

You want a job? Come work, here is a check.

So giving someone a job is easy and doesn't expose you to uncle sam knocking on your door later on.

Again: Want to create jobs? Get out of the way.
(9/14/2010 9:07:23 PM)
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