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Saturday, 16 Av, 5779
  |  August 17, 2019
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    Rubashkin Prayer Dates Set

    As Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin of Postville stands for trial, three prayer dates have been set with men, women and children praying on his behalf. Full Story

    No Hiding From the Rebbe

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    can you PLEASE specify
    can you PLEASE specify

    for all us ignoramouses, what time is that in israel, europe or something like that?
    i really want to daven for him in the right time, but i dunno when that is!

    hey hey hey
    hey hey hey

    i being a israily, and it hard for me – seven in te afternuun in america? in israel, is two in morning! i cannot pray ten. i sleep. what i to do?
    like 1, i am wanting to pray for this man.
    maybe could be different time, for israilys?

    always a good time for prayers!
    always a good time for prayers!

    Guys – let’s not be petty – of course there’s a power to group tefillos but hey – set up your own group & DAVEN! He needs all & any tefillos – let’s storm shamayim at all times! 2 am not good for you – find a time that is, meet @ the kosel & just do it! Let’s show Hashem our achdus & let Him answer our prayers with Moshiach – that’s all Sholom Mordechai wants & needs!!!!! For those out of town who can daven @ those times – will there be a live hookup so we can… Read more »