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Sunday, 18 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 21, 2019

    Rebbe Bids Farewell Gan Israel

    As many overnight Camp Gan Israels begin this week, COLlive presents an exclusive letter from the Rebbe dated Tammuz 12, 5742. "May you grow good trees bearing good fruit," the Rebbe wishes. Our thanks to his secretary Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson for providing this. Full Letter

    Wedding: Abrahams – Levy

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    Question: Re Mazkirus
    Question: Re Mazkirus

    In a recent interview ina Israeli Newspaper, Rabbi B. Klein said that the Rebbe always called the mazkirim – by their last name. But Rabbi SM Simpson claims that he called him “Shlom Mendel”! Which is correct? Is it possible that they are BOTH right, and the Rebbe did call SM Sinmpson by his FIRST name – in order not to confuse with his father who was ALSO a Mazkir by the Freierdika Rebbe?

    first name
    first name

    There is a video from a yechidus in the main shul where on the video you hear the Rebbe telling Rabbi Groner “gleich iber geben “Sholom Mendel”

    To immediately give this over to “sholom Mnedel”

    Maybe he just called Klein by his last name
    Maybe he just called Klein by his last name

    We never heard Krinsky say the Rebbe called him “Krinsky.” We did hear the Rebbe tell Krinsky to “find Raskin” (Reb Dovid) and tell him something. It’s on video by dollars.