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Thursday, 17 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 20, 2019

    Quebec Votes No Yarmulka Ban

    Quebec has voted to oppose all restrictions on public sector employees from wearing religious symbols while working. Full Story

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    Not accurate
    Not accurate

    It’s not “Quebec” that has voted to oppose the banning.
    It’s “Quebec Solidaire”.
    The government of Quebec is the one tabling the bill to ban all religious garments or symbols worn by government-paid workers.
    Side note: Quebec Solidaire is a separatist party whish has as one of it’s founding members a pro-PLO person whose daughter was arrested for pro-terrorist vandalism.


    Quebec has an old obsession of”pure Laine” which translates to pure wool
    In plain language what we would call “Gezhe “
    They have a huge influx of Muslims and hijabs and face coverings are a common sight
    This wouldn’t fly in USA or even the rest of Canada for a second