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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    Oy Vey, Those ‘Ultras’ Again

    Op-Ed by Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie: Claiming there is one black-hatted bearded mass with uniform views borders on bigotry. What would be the reaction if a columnist wrote "Blacks think," "Arabs think" or "Jews think?" Full Story

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    nice words
    nice words

    “Partnerships based on mutual respect can and should be forged for the benefit of all”.

    should be used within Chabad heicheh fensters – nice idea

    No need to exxagerate
    No need to exxagerate

    ‘(My community, Chabad, took a dramatically different route, actively sending their sons to the army, engaging society and being part of the workforce). ‘

    Can anyone point to the % of chabadniks that have served in the IDF and the % that are part of the workforce? I bet the % of Chabad-IDF veterns is less than 10% which does not compare positivly with its secular couterpart. The article is nice but this type of hyporbole only gives Hiddush and their ilk the ammo to trash R’ Eliezrie.


    The Baal Shem Tov wisely stated that people find faults in others, that they find in themselves. While that is surely true of the secular Jews in Israel, it is also true of Haredim in general and Lubavitchers in particular. Maybe it’s just me Rabbi Eliezrie, but I grew up in a Lubavitch community which saw nothing of referring to large groups of people as monoliths. “Shvartzes”, “Arabs”, and “Goyim”, were never viewed through the tolerant lenses you romanticize, instead they were viewed as a indistinguishable collective. So before you go off railing against the intolerance of secular Jewry, a… Read more »