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Sunday, 17 Av, 5779
  |  August 18, 2019
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    My Shlichus Dilemma Solved

    Mrs. Brocha Sapochkinsky, Shlucha in Westlake Village, CA, tells what solved a dilemma she had in her Shlichus. Full Story

    Wedding: Katz – Shemtov

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    Well done
    Well done

    Nicely written, the book and the article!!!

    Agreed  1000%
    Agreed 1000%

    Tremendous book of inspiration and direction for action.
    ” If his children are alive , he too is alive “.
    Worth reading and re-reading. Paving the way for the Geula Shalaima !!

    Unofficial shlucha
    Unofficial shlucha

    It’s also important to have people In the community who have either met the Rebbe or have written tell their first hand stories. Makes it very real esp if Baalei Tshuva

    Yes -- everyone should read it!!
    Yes -- everyone should read it!!

    YES! I love the book too. I read it, and bought a few more to give as gifts. The challenge is to get people to actually pick the book up and read it.
    Thank you to all those who put it together — I’m sure it was a major undertaking.

    Sivan 25
    Sivan 25

    Rebitzen Bracha is the best.
    Thank you for your article.
    Thank you for over 30 years,
    that you teach and educate us and our children.
    Thank you and the Rabbi for opening
    your home to us all.
    You are a blessing to our community.
    The Rabbe is so very proud of you.
    May we merit Moshiach now