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/ MONDAY, AV 4 5778 - 16 JULY 2018
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Apr 11 2018
Leibel Khazanovich - Sharon, MA / Miami to Devory Bass - Postville, IA

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Mazal Tov Mazal Tov!! Remember her from sem. Very very sweet girl. All the brachos to you and both families😊😃😀
Rego park
Mazal tov, so happy for you
BR Sem Alef
Mazal tov Racheli!
Mazal tov !
Mazal tov!! Muchas felicidades......!
Devory is a GEM!
Mazal tov to you both! Devory is a gem, a really really special person. Looking forward to seeing you tonight bezras Hashem.
Mazel tov!!!!
Mazel tov Devory!!!! Mazel Tov Yael!!!!
Mazel tov to the entire family!!!! So so happy for you!!!
May this simcha lead to many more simchas!! Wishing you a filled with all the brochos!!!
Baila Fischer
Dovid Vidrin
Mazal Tov!!!

May you build a banyan adaei ad, a bayis nemon al yidosdei ha Torah vMitzvah, a chissideshe shtub!!
Nancy Nesenoff
Mazel Tov to 2 wonderful people!
Mazal Tov!!!
Binyan Adei Ad!!!
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