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/ FRIDAY, TISHREI 12 5779 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2018
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Jan 11 2018
Mendel Danow - Leeds, England to Nechamie Hertzel - Ramat Hagolan, Israel

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mazal tov mendel
Mazal tov!!
Mazal tov Mendel
Mazal tov
Mazal tov Nechami!!!
May you build a binyan adei ad with the Rebbes brachos!
Chaya K
Mazal Tov Nechami!!!! Best news ever!!!!! One lucky boy:)
AMAZING! Great news! one lucky couple
Alte Chitriks girl ;)
Lucky boy!!! Hertzel is an amazing family!!!
Wish u a Binyan Adei ad with all the brochos and just Simches always!!!
Great news!
Mazel tov @shaina :)

-an old friend from os/kinus
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