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Monday, 18 Av, 5779
  |  August 19, 2019
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    Mosques Attack Widely Condemned

    Australian Shliach Rabbi Shmueli Feldman responds to the shooting attack on 2 mosques in New Zealand, killing 49 people. Full Story

    L’Chaim: Notik – Yaffee

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    Video: No Bounds

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    Ok and
    Ok and

    He should be condemning all terrorist attacks. 4500 Christians were killed by radical Muslims in 2018.

    Silence ......
    Silence ......

    The above announcement/article aside …. why no comments, condolences, sharing of sorrow, pain, empathy for victims and their families, from Jewish readers here? Have we not all one Father?

    To 1
    To 1

    50 people (one more died) were just murdered and that’s all you say? That’s exactly like saying that Jews are to blame for anti semitism because we run the world or are manipulative, have too much money, we’re zionisfs, or whatever the excuse for anti Semitism is. You just excused a horrible islamophobic terrorist attack. White supremacy is on the rise, and guess what. We’re targets too. Grow some compassion please.