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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    KSCVK Raising $200K Today

    Today, Devorah Benjamin is running a​ $200,000 campaign to raise critical funds to enable many chassanim and kallahs of Crown Heights to make their weddings a reality. Full Story

    Wedding: Betesh – Abecassis

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    wedding vendor
    wedding vendor

    thank you devorah you sweat so hard for each wedding i am a wedding vendor and speak to devorah several times a week, as well as collect payment for many weddings that she helps out the reality is that from rosh chodesh sivan until the end of june devorah has already committed over $200,000 her kindness knows no bounds and many of these families could not go to the chuppah with some dignity without her help. sometimes she wishes she could do more. i have witnessed her tremendous simcha for each engagement even though she knows she will be called… Read more »

    Only $200,000
    Only $200,000

    This organization could have easily done a 1 million campaign….