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Sunday, 18 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 21, 2019

    Kids Join Yud Alef Nissan Rally

    1,500 children gathered in front of 770 to celebrate the Rebbe’s birthday featuring live music with Benny Friedman and Fitche Benshimon and the Mitzva Tank parade. Watch a full replay. Photos, Video

    Miami Students Raise $50K

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    L’Chaim: Steiger – Prus

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    Quest For Oiz
    Quest For Oiz

    Those episodes are BEYOND AMAZING. My children would not stop watching them, they were glues to the screen!! I’m so proud to be Lubavitch when I watch A Quest For Oiz It’s so toichendik! My children will now, FORSURE turn out to be TRUE CHAYOLIM OF THE REBBE AND BRING MOSHIACH NOW! So please, DO NOT STOP WITH THIS! We really need more! Even me, even though I’m not a child, and I am not in the actual Tzivos Hashem, I still watch them, and it really inspires me to do more and more Mitzvos! And really understand what our… Read more »