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Monday, 19 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 22, 2019

    Kids Chidon Opens Registration

    With a new two-track system, catering to children of all academic levels MyShliach has opened registration for the Chidon 5777. Full Story, Video

    Israel’s Ambassador Lauds Chabad

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    not exactly right
    not exactly right

    The chidon is a source of stress for many students. The questions on the qualifying tests are made purposely tricky rather than in a way that allows a student to show he/she knows the material. All the teachers I’ve spoken to at our school have said they must look up answers because of the tricky wording. Many teachers have complained to the chidon administrators about this aspect of the qualifying process. Also, parents are so anxious that their children shine that they force them to learn for many hours everyday on top of their regular school learning. This isn’t such… Read more »

    To #1:
    To #1:

    I was in the chidon last year and I can honestly say I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do it again but I’m too old. I live on shlichus and studied by myself (I didn’t participate in the Myshliach classes though) and it was an amazing learning experience! I knew it would be hard but I wanted a challenge and I was happy it wouldn’t just be questions that were super easy – you had to study hard and use your brain. On the other hand it wasn’t impossible – there was a goal – and with hard work and… Read more »