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Thursday, 21 Av, 5779
  |  August 22, 2019
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    How to Sound The Shofar

    Rabbi Simcha Werner of Monsey writes and Rabbi Shmuel Lew demonstrates how the Shofar should be sounded on Rosh Hashana. Plus: A handy Shofar guide. Full Story

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    play it back at the slowest speed
    play it back at the slowest speed

    you’ll hear that the Shvarim is 3 medium sounds plus 2 tiny sounds. Why? isnt shvarim just 3 medium sounds?


    The Alter Rebbe writes that for tekios meumad (musaf), the shevorim and teruah should be done in two breaths.
    By tekios meyushav, there must be a tiny break between shevorim and teruah, although without taking a breath.
    While this is not shayach for mivtzoim, it is shayach when blowing for people at home etc.

    To no. 1
    To no. 1

    The Alter Rebbe mentions in shulchan aruch to add a short blast after the trhee sighs. The Rebbe always blew like this, 3 and a half sounds. In fact, occasionally he did FOUR sh’vorim plus the extra half sound. It is said that the Rebbe Rashab always did four plus, and there was always discussion among Temimim whether or not we should copy that.