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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    Fried Brings Crowd to Tears

    2000 people in Kharkov got emotional when Avraham Fried recalled singing with the Holocaust-surviving father of the local Shliach. Full Story, Photos, Video

    How Chabad Music Came to Be

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    I Hope
    I Hope

    I hope they will put out a professional FULL VIDEO of Avrohom Frieds full trip to russia,All the concerts

    So Impressed
    So Impressed

    Miriam and Family.You make all of us who knew you 25+ years ago in OC so proud.

    Preparing the Ukraine for Moshiach
    Preparing the Ukraine for Moshiach

    Reb Avremel Sheyichye,you have prepared Ukraine Jewry for Moshiach’s arrival. This was probably what Moshiach was waitng for;now he can come!
    A Yedid from Montreal,Canada.

    A  source of Inspiration
    A source of Inspiration

    What an inspirational concert and reflection of the incredible work of the Shluchim in Kharkov sent by the Rebbe 25 years ago.