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Sunday, 13 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 16, 2019

    Event to Launch “Shidduch Office”

    Thursday: A musical event featuring singer Esther Freeman will launch the Shidduch Group Network's first Crown Heights office. Full Story

    These EMTs Are Chassidic, Female

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    So my resume is already on what’s app groups, email groups and all over the internet. I have personally meet many different shadchanim.and not sure who is part of this group that is different. Sounds like just another place to pay more money..

    Can you explain
    Can you explain

    What is different about this group? I’ve met with shadchanim before. How do I ensure there will be results… what’s the system.
    Also, if I want my privacy protected, in other words if I don’t want my resume in a hundred places for all singles to see it (it’s unnecessary, besides for giving my references a headache with so many calls) just the shadchanim whom I meet, is that guaranteed?