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Tuesday, 15 Sivan, 5779
  |  June 18, 2019

    Elderly Jew Punched in London

    An elderly Jewish man was violently punched in the face in London, England, in what police are suspecting is an anti-Semitic attack. Full Story

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    Horrific, very likely if the gentile witness hadn’t spoken up, and
    Horrific, very likely if the gentile witness hadn’t spoken up, and

    called attention to the attack, the elderly Jew might have been finished off. It seems like the anti-semitic monster
    didn’t intend to limit this hateful violent assault in the least!

    There is nothing that can be done
    There is nothing that can be done

    Nothing can be done if you are outnumbered. Jews in England,France and the rest of Europe are outnumbered. It’s very important for every one to register to vote to keep pressure dent Trump in office. Had hillarey won than America would be flooded with Moslems attacking Jews like what’s happening all over Europe.

    To # 2 - Bitachon is the answer
    To # 2 - Bitachon is the answer

    #2 Bichlal we are outnumbered everywhere so your observation is misleading. Besides, there is something we can do – daven to HKBH, and believe in the power of all Yidden. Sure we can protect each other too. And as an aside, we should never put our hope in a politician. Trump is not moshiach – and in the long run his tenure will harm Yidden – don’t rely on politicians to protect us. Rely on Hashem

    #2   Am I the voice of reason?
    #2 Am I the voice of reason?

    Your comment reminds me of the story of the couple in a house where the floodwaters are threatening their lives. They go up on the roof and see a helicopter offering to winch them to safety. “No,” they say, “we’ll rely on Hashem.” This scene repeats itself another few times with the same result. Eventually the couple both drown. And then one wonders why Hashem didn’t help them .. when in reality of course He did. It’s high time martial arts becomes compulsory in our schools, yeshivas, seems and as regular courses for adults. Both to protect us from without… Read more »