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Sunday, 24 Av, 5779
  |  August 25, 2019
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    E-commerce Expo Will Sell Out

    Thousands of frum Amazon sellers and e-commerce professionals will gather next month at the JCON's annual expo in Brooklyn. Full Story

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    This promotes a lop-sided economy
    This promotes a lop-sided economy

    It hurts small/ medium local businesses, their employees, suppliers,and landlords thereby greatly reducing dollar turnover in a community.
    All over America stores and businesses are facing diminished sales due to people ordering on line when they could easily go to a local store where the employee dollar stays in the community.
    Even the businesses which operate honestly, give great service and employ hundreds of people have contributed to the closing of many small local businesses in other locations because of their use of e-commerce.

    To #1
    To #1

    yes, it has been happening for many many years now, around the world. Now think about how many jewish familes earn good and honest Parnassa because they opened an ‘on line’ busineses . B”H some were blessed with so much Hatzlocha that they ended up hiering jewish talents to work for them, creating more good paying jobs. I feel that CHYE are doing a great and important work in given the needed confidence and direction to ambitious frum chassidim in our community. Combining – Hashem’s work, wearing Tzitzit and Putting Sheytel on, having a great sense of belonging and being… Read more »