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Saturday, 17 Tammuz, 5779
  |  July 20, 2019

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    Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch released this morning the full schedule and program of the International Kinus Hashluchim beginning Wednesday, November 19 through Monday, November 24 in Brooklyn, NY. "We sought to imbue every session, workshop and farbrengen with the concept of Hakhel," the Merkos board writes. More

    Jacobs Set Dutch Chief Rabbi

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    where is Reb Arel Serebransky
    where is Reb Arel Serebransky

    I thought he was a chaver in Merkos.
    Doesn’t He head the merkos in Melbourne Australia?
    Can post a answer to my question. I cant sleep at night!!!!

    Sholom Wilhalm..... BUSY BUSY BUSY........
    Sholom Wilhalm..... BUSY BUSY BUSY........

    I want to hear you do something bemes without pictures.

    The point.
    The point.

    Let them talk more about moshiach.