Tuesday, 19 Sivan, 5784
  |  June 25, 2024

Bochurim Shouldn’t Need to Depend on ‘Podcast Chassidus’

Author of CTeen-Yeshiva op-ed responds: “Why do our youth need to turn to their favorite podcast platform for them to see the richness and relevance of Toras Ha’Chassidus?” Full Story

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February 28, 2024 11:18 pm

2 points: Baal teshuvas enthusiasm is sort lived. False. There is a reason why FFBs will ALWAYS regard BTs as different. And if BTs lose it, is because FFBs showed their true colors. And no one should “it’s all the BTs fault ” me. Dont make BTs, if you aren’t strong in your yiddishkeit. 2. (Last paragraph)Criticism about the system etc…. because it’s TRUE. No one writes an article that’s not true or doesnt have true to it, deep down. But people responding with denial comments – that’s always! Glad that you see the truth – hope and pray you… Read more »

please everyone don't use the word BT
Reply to  Responding
February 29, 2024 8:50 am

I am offended by the term Baal Teshuva used for people who are NOT Baal Teshuvas, who are in reality tinok shinoshbas who found the Torah and became frum. Please use the correct term for them, tinok shinoshbas! A Baal Teshuva is someone who was raised frum, went OTD or sinned, and then repented and became frum again.

Avodah comes from within
February 28, 2024 11:56 pm

Takes longer, doesn’t look as exciting, but there is truly nothing compared to the joy learning straight up Chassidus – from inside – brings someone. At first it’s boring, of course, learning from inside is an acquired taste – but like sushi, once you love it you can’t get enough of it.

Thank You
February 28, 2024 11:56 pm

Cannot be better articulated!

February 29, 2024 12:02 am

It’s up to us (the young people) to revolutionize the way we see yiddishkeit. it is quite literally up to us. Sometimes that will mean saying things that make people (the older people) uncomfortable. Things that are unheard of in the history of chassidishkeit. Things like – we are worthy no matter what, and we deserve to feel the abundant light, love and life that chassidus has to offer in a way that feels true to us. RADICAL I KNOW. But what about the Rebbe’s ideas and mission wasn’t RADICAL??? We can’t be afraid to make it our own. We… Read more »

Let's be straight up blunt
February 29, 2024 12:09 am

I like what you wrote. But let’s talk about the real challenges the yeshiva system produces. 1) We finish the system with no practical tools or skills to be competitive in the workforce and struggle to make a living. 2) Don’t have the social skills to properly date and relate to girls on an emotional level. 3) Have issues with feeling warm towards yiddishkeit (as mentioned in the op-ed) 4) Fall into the traps of inappropriate websites which can take years to break the habit. This may sound cynical and you can criticize me all day, but anyone who knows… Read more »

Facts don't care about your feelings
Reply to  Let's be straight up blunt
February 29, 2024 1:36 am

This is the truest comment I’ve seen on col ever when will we stop living in the hypothetical world of perfection and pushing issues under the rug and start actually dealing with the issues of our generation Your emotional connection to a past bygone where a bochurs most serious issue was a newspaper shouldn’t cause us to suffer by stopping you from dealing with the new reality You know it used to be osur to Write down torah shebal peh well guess what times changed and we got mishnayos Then times changed and we got gemoroh Then times changed again… Read more »

It's the whole approach
Reply to  Let's be straight up blunt
February 29, 2024 1:37 am

100% True! And it goes hand in hand, when we teach very makif when the shiurim and farbrangens are all polished and trying to fit a certain tziyur by default we are not speaking real, to the bochur sitting across from you rather who you rather, and when you speak fake then nothing chassidus is not one with the talmid because it was just a subject it wasn’t for real it wasn’t addressing his life it was all in theory… And so too you will have bochrim finishing yeshiva and knowing nothing about work nothing about emotions nothing about addiction… Read more »

actually the real reason we learn Torah
Reply to  It's the whole approach
February 29, 2024 9:00 am

and any book within Torah, is LISHMAH! To get close to Hashem, do His will, and because Hashem wants us to!

It's the whole approach
Reply to  actually the real reason we learn Torah
February 29, 2024 4:08 pm

Lishmah is relative. And to Learn lishmah it has to be earned. After developing a love for Torah and mitzvos fulfilling God’s will understanding that’s what you came for, which is by the way already an awesome way of living, much more the lishmah than doing it to go to gan Eden you can learn a mamar that tells you I really should be even a deeper level nothing to do with me at all just to do what God wants. that’s not basic and for sure not the first step for an education system. Obviously kabalas oil is the… Read more »

no actually
Reply to  It's the whole approach
March 1, 2024 7:55 am

all jews should learn Lishmah from day 1.

Reply to  Let's be straight up blunt
February 29, 2024 7:45 am

this is 100 percent true for the majority.

in response to your comment
Reply to  Let's be straight up blunt
February 29, 2024 8:58 am

1) I do not think the yeshiva system should be teaching you practical tools or skills to be competitive in the workforce.
2) What specifically are you looking to learn? Every individual girl is an entirely different soul, personality, and situation. What would be good for one scenario would be bad for another. You have to tune into your intuition.
3) Why
4) go to GuardYourEyes the website

Number 1
Reply to  Let's be straight up blunt
March 4, 2024 11:44 am

Its not even that hard to do the first one. You don’t need something even remotely close to a full secular education for that. I really think you just need yeshivas to admit that its an issue, and if they do implement a solution, to do it with a serious amount of effort.

Now what?
February 29, 2024 12:36 am

I agree with all the points you’re saying. Our teens (bachurim and high school girls) need something more. They need to feel loved just because they are yidden. They need to see that our community invests in them as much as we invest in our future BT’s imyH! If our Cteen kids are more empowered than our own children, our gems, our future Cteen shluchim and shluchos, then we are heading on a very scary path. The question is what to do? Who will finally stand up and make an organization for our teens. (Yes the Space is beautiful but… Read more »

Very powerful and on point - 5th paragraph
February 29, 2024 3:32 am

“But there is a certain level of passion that every Chossid should be able to exhibit. It doesn’t look like marching down Kingston and chanting, but it also doesn’t look like a zombie-like bochur roaming aimlessly through Zal, overwhelmed by all he feels he needs to do and feeling gratified by none of it.“ Particularly, the last line, “overwhelmed by all he feels he needs to do and feeling gratified by none of it.” How many of us our guilty for doing this to our children?? I, myself, am entirely guilty of this! I need to be more positive and… Read more »

The system
February 29, 2024 7:59 am

With all these articles that claim the faults in the system etc Firstly , the system is run by human beings so obviously there will be faults . Putting that aside- for some reason the population seems to think that the dumbest most self centered old school people have ended up as teachers, Mashpi’im etc and all the wise pple have all ended up on the sidelines with their pearls of wisdom . Reality check, anyone – and I will repeat anyone who is in chinuch / especially Mesivta/zal/high school where it is a 24 hr 7 day a week… Read more »

Then system
Reply to  The system
February 29, 2024 11:06 am

Yes, but home first then system..the system takes place during the most changing time of our lives and if that isn’t in a way of positive growth then it won’t help to have the best home when you were younger

Mesivta of Coral Springs does it right!
February 29, 2024 11:53 am

They have really figured it out. An incredible Yeshiva that everyone should try to send their bochurim to!

But mesivta in Los Angeles does it better
Reply to  Mesivta of Coral Springs does it right!
February 29, 2024 10:33 pm

I don’t want to compare places because everywhere is good for certain people, but Los Angeles has probably the best mesivta there is, the shluchim there are for sure the best, that’s all I know. There really good. Like REEEEALY good.

I don’t understand
March 1, 2024 9:11 am

Yidden are humans also.
Humans get bored sometimes.
No one ever said we were perfect.
Not sure why your making a big fuss out of nothing.

Why we didn’t apply Chassidus!
March 1, 2024 9:24 am

Of course Chassidus has what to offer. It has enough vitality and inspiration within it to enliven us that we never feel lazy again. But you know what, hashem put us in situations where we are many things challenge this task, primarily: the nature of day-to-day routine. Of course we want to be living in the Geula… Of course we would like to have an easier time with iskafia and ishapcha… Of course we would like to have an easier time with davening ba’avoda… Of course we would like to have an easier time with hisbonenus… How much do you… Read more »