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Saturday, 16 Av, 5779
  |  August 17, 2019
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    A Problem Greater Than BDS

    "Jewish students with no sense of Jewish identity, history, legacy, won't give damn about Israel," Shlucha Rivkah Slonim recently said.

    Photo Gallery: Sukkos in the Air

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    She should speak
    She should speak

    At the knesset

    Beautiful picture.......but no mention!
    Beautiful picture.......but no mention!

    B”H. There is a beautiful picture of Mrs. Geula Nemni at the
    Podium but no mention of her in the article…..what a shame. I’m sure she spoke beautifully! Mrs. Bassie Garelik

    Affordable school
    Affordable school

    Make Jewish day schools affordable to all and start them young. I’m a BT who grew up reform, in those days I was pro Palestinians, anti Israel and very liberal. Once we started going to day school did that view completely change. Now as a frum parent school is so unaffordable to me that I had to pull out my youngest to go to public school. It saddens me to see that the community is not taking the astronomical tuition costs as a sign of Jewish decline. I know the importance of a Jewish daily education and what it can… Read more »