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Thursday, 21 Av, 5779
  |  August 22, 2019
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    2nd Annual Health Expo Planned

    The second annual Health and Wellness Expo, founded by triathlon coach Chaim Backman, will take place in Crown Heights this June. Full Story

    Young Boy Needs Urgent Tehillim

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    The Bar Mitzvah Maamer Solution

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    Go Chaim!!!
    Go Chaim!!!

    Amazing work!!!!

    how our diets have changed!
    how our diets have changed!

    how things have changed…years ago, early ’70s brown rice and raw mushrooms were considered husband and chavursa wanted to start cooking
    macrobiotics in yeshiva, Rabbi Jacobson, a”h wasn’t so keen on this somewhat foreign way of thinking/ years later how times have changed…..

    Halachic Organ Donation
    Halachic Organ Donation

    Do you have Halachic Approval for Halachic Organ Donation? HODS rabbis are primarily non-chabad and non-chareidi.
    Glad to see more health in CH