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Saturday, 20 Iyyar, 5779
  |  May 25, 2019

    1000 Visit New York City Shuls

    Over 200 shuls in the New York Metropolitan area were visited on Shvi'I shel Pesach by 1,000 Lubavitchers from Crown Heights. Full Story

    Holocaust Survivors Live in Poverty

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    West Boca Expands, Chabad Too

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    all over the world Chabad Chassidm reach out to other Yidden. I am proud to say I belong to Chabad

    Chabad Lubavitch of South Brooklyn
    Chabad Lubavitch of South Brooklyn

    Chabad Lubavitch Ohel Moshe Shul on Ocean Parkway is a sponsor of the largest meeting place where the Tahalucha meets and makes Kiddush after davening maariv.
    Since the Tahalucha ended going to Williamsburge, they have been coming to the Ohel Moshe Lubavitch Shul on Ocean Parkway and Avenue I – now the Chabad of South Brooklyn Shul.
    This year we BH hosted over 180 for Kiddush.

    Norwalk CT - 12 Mile Tahalucha Round Trip
    Norwalk CT - 12 Mile Tahalucha Round Trip

    Rabbi Levi Y Stone of the Schneerson Center for Jewish Life and Rabbi Yehoshua Hecht led a tahalucha from Beth Israel Synagogue in Norwal;k to the Dolce Hotel and Resort in west Norwalk CT. The Rebbes Ata Bechortonu Nigun and a talk based on the Rebbes Maamer in Dvar Malchus captivated the audience and many pledged to help with the Mikvah Chanah – Mei Leiba project currently under way in Norwalk.