Apr 20, 2017
Barista Replicates Unicorn Frappe

Crown Heights barista Dovid Neubauer recreated a kosher version of Starbucks' newest craze - the colorful Unicorn Frappuccino.

By COLlive reporter

There's a real-life kosher unicorn!

A creative Brooklyn barista has created the first kosher "Unicorn" Frappuccino, all the rage now since being released for a limited time by Starbucks around the country.

The coffeehouse chain called the drink "the flavor-changing, color-changing, totally not-made-up Unicorn Frappuccino" and is being sold only for a few days.

"Magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour. Swirl it to reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink. It's finished with whipped cream-sprinkled pink and blue fairy powders," they say.

While the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) does not recommend the Starbucks creation for kosher consumers, one Crown Heights café has created a kosher version of their own.

The Chalav Yisroel version of the frappe was created by Dovid Neubauer, a former Australian and current resident of Crown Heights, who prides himself for serving up the "best coffee in Crown Heights."

Neubauer is the barista at the Café inside the Kosher Town Supermarket at 469 Albany Avenue in Crown Heights. He says that his frappuccinos and lattes have become increasingly popular since the café opened last year.

The café offers coffees, lattes, hot chocolate and frappuccinos in flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon crunch, Reese's puffs and Oreo. They also are the only local Kosher café offering Nitro cold brew iced coffee on tap.

Neubauer was inspired by the buzz surrounding the new Unicorn drink and got to work to create a Kosher version for his customers.

"It probably doesn't taste exactly the same," he admitted to COLlive.com. "However, the basic idea is the same: It starts out sweet, and then you taste the sourness. And it does change colors as you stir it."

Another difference is the taste of strawberry versus the taste of mango, in the Starbucks version.

"But the drink certainly is pretty and does have the sour kick," he proudly said.

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Opinions and Comments
Where do they sell it?
(4/20/2017 4:37:18 PM)
OH MY GOSH! I go to Kosher Town all the time for Dovids coffee! He makes the BESTTTT COFFEE in the WHOLE WORLD! What a CHAMP!!
(4/20/2017 4:46:13 PM)
not just the best barista
nicest guy. always so polite to customers
(4/20/2017 4:49:31 PM)
It looks soooo good, they should make it in LA!
(4/20/2017 4:56:20 PM)
There's a cafe in Kosher Town?
And it's been open for a year???? I've never heard of it. Why don't they advertise?
(4/20/2017 4:59:03 PM)
Former AUstralian
As a former Australian, I will say this. We never had such a delicious kosher coffee as this one. Dovid Neubauer u rock!
(4/20/2017 5:14:45 PM)
How much is it? Would love to try for reasonable price
(4/20/2017 5:34:08 PM)
Kosher town has the best salads, sandwiches, pastries, and drinks! Its my go to spot for my morning coffee and lunch. Nicest workers with great service! I especially love their greek salad and ice coffees! The vibe in the store is friendly- puts you in a good mood in the mornings :)
(4/20/2017 5:59:40 PM)
Their coffee and salads are the real deal !
(4/20/2017 6:04:34 PM)
They have the best frappes youll ever taste anywhere in your life time!
(4/20/2017 6:13:01 PM)
You guys do know that people have tried the treif version for days now and have declared it disgusting, right????
(4/20/2017 6:19:20 PM)
nice place
Dovid is really nice and accomodating and the coffee is great
(4/20/2017 6:21:19 PM)
Australia is the best it gives us the Very talented
So happy for you making your parents, real tzadikim proud
(4/20/2017 6:22:04 PM)
Kosher town cafe
They say Kosher town cafe is the best kept secret
(4/20/2017 6:43:56 PM)
How much
How much does it cost? 10.99?
(4/20/2017 7:21:47 PM)
If it also has 56g sugar??!!??!!
(4/20/2017 7:34:05 PM)
to 11
first of all... each person has a different taste... i saw reviews where people liked it.
secondly, the Starbucks one is not treif. It has milk thats not chalav yisroel, and fruits, and some other ingredients, but its not any actual treif food inside (there is a difference between treif and not kosher)
(4/20/2017 7:37:57 PM)
love the creativity!!
been ordering from koshertown cafe on seamless for months now... lunch at the office has never been so good! their soups are my fave. they're shabbos take out is also the best in the neighborhood!
(4/20/2017 8:21:19 PM)
went to a starbucks today and the guy was wearing a strap-on horn on his head. while i told him i cant drink it, i asked him about the drink which he then described and concluded that he is trying to dissuade people from buying it because its too annoying to make! so it's not only the people who aren't so in to it, it's the baristas as well!
(4/20/2017 8:32:13 PM)
Koshertown has best food in ch by far!!! Go thier everyday sooo good best frappes and trust me ive been around tasting im like a professional frappe taster hahha yall go out and try thier frappes
(4/20/2017 9:09:37 PM)
It's asur
It's chukas hagoyim
(4/20/2017 9:37:08 PM)
Rainbows never tasted so good.
Dovid is the kindest, friendless and most talented barista out there.
(4/20/2017 9:41:42 PM)
To 17
Not kosher aka treif
(4/20/2017 9:57:44 PM)
Keep Crown Heights eating Kosher :)
(4/20/2017 10:42:26 PM)
But unicorns aren't real?
(4/20/2017 11:03:38 PM)
Go Doovai
from your friends down under turn north
(4/20/2017 11:07:02 PM)
Doovay Rox
This guy is the friendliest unassuming guy in all of C.H.

I've been to K.T. a couple of times and each time has felt so like a hip breath of fresh air to have in our own foodie town.
(4/21/2017 1:49:06 AM)
to 21
Starbucks is owned by a Jewish man.
(4/21/2017 7:43:07 AM)
Did anyone try this version?
How does it taste???
(4/21/2017 7:56:58 AM)
To #17
A lot of these drinks have gelatin-based thickeners. Treif. Never assume because something is "vegetarian" it's kosher. Anyone can say "vegetarian" to make money and legally, some ingredients don't even have to be listed on the label! Don't trust. Go Dovid!
(4/21/2017 8:47:24 AM)
To 17
Not kosher aka treif
(4/21/2017 9:07:15 AM)
To 29
Its super yummy!
(4/21/2017 9:27:12 AM)
love the creativity!!
been ordering from koshertown cafe on seamless for months now... lunch at the office has never been so good! their soups are my fave. they're shabbos take out is also the best in the neighborhood!
(4/21/2017 1:03:49 PM)
Couldn't bring myself to order one
But definitely enjoyed my soup and sandwich today! The coffee also can't be beat
Admittedly I had a sip of my cousin's unicorn drink later and it was actually delicious- like a yummy strawberry milkshake with some sour sticks sprinkles on top!
(4/21/2017 2:31:36 PM)
they have delicious home made salad for shabbos.
(4/22/2017 6:46:50 PM)
Dovid is a drinks wizard. He puts such love and talent into everything he does. Definitely worth a visit to Koshertown, the best supermarket in CH!!!
(4/23/2017 2:02:51 AM)
Best coffee in N.Y.
Dovid is a master creator of delicious coffee. Made with care, feeling and TLC. You will never buy coffee anywhere else.
(4/23/2017 8:18:27 AM)
I [3 KT
Dovid at Koshertown is the best! He always goes above and beyond and his new creation comes as no surprise. Always helpful with a smile on his face. Im lactose intolerant but will have to get one of these (to drink at home) just because he created it! Thank you!!
(4/23/2017 9:31:40 AM)
i love thier hot chocolate its delish but this....
it tasted like strawberry ice cream with sour sugar....
(4/23/2017 10:44:57 AM)
I love their hot chocolate its delish but this....
Very very delicious sour sugar. Leave your home immediately and buy one
(4/23/2017 2:43:52 PM)
If you haven't tried these yet...
You're seriously missing out.
Koshertown is incredible!!! [3
(4/23/2017 5:17:01 PM)
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