Apr 19, 2017
Group Gives Soldiers a Family

Lone American soldiers serving in Israel were welcomed at a Pesach Seder and were invited back to celebrate Moshiach's Meal.

One year ago, on Erev Pesach, only a few short hours before sundown, Ari Abramowitz received a phone call from Moshe K., an American Jew from New York who was serving in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

"Chag is about to start, and I didn’t receive any matzah or marror on my base; is there anything you can do?”

Without hesitation, Abramowitz dropped his last minute preparations and got in his car to personally deliver the handmade shmura matzot to the grateful lone soldier.

This was just one of the many activities that Abramowitz and Mordy Botnick do for 'Lone Soldiers' on a daily basis as part of their organization "Chayal el Chayal."

This year, they hosted a Pesach Seder that a beautiful and inspirational experience lasting until 2:30am. "We set our Seder Plates, asked the four questions and enjoyed a five star meal tirelessly put together by our dedicated kitchen staff," they told COLlive.com.

Shloime E., a former lone soldier, related: "I love Pesach at Chayal el Chayal. I enjoy helping in the kitchen with all the prep and cooking and coming together for the Seder.” Lone Soldier Moishe B. agreed, “It was amazing - being that I live in an apartment with other Lone Soldiers, we probably wouldn’t have had a seder, so I am very thankful for Chayal el Chayal."

Each day of Chol HaMoed, Chayal el Chayal hosted exciting events. Activities included a camping and rappelling trip, wine and cheese tasting and many barbecues.

A holiday highlight was the Seudat Moshiach, Chabad's grand finale and last dose of Pesach to finish off on a powerful note. Chassidic melodies were sung, matzah was eaten and another five cups of wine drank in correspondence with the five different terms that the Torah uses in reference to the Redemption. Stories and inspiration were shared and lessons given over, ending off a special and meaningful Pesach.

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We miss ya tonzzzz
(4/19/2017 10:17:40 AM)
Tío Mordechai
Yay Mendy!!!!!!
Que Hashem te bendiga!!!!!!
Te queremos mucho!!
(4/19/2017 11:12:11 AM)
Thank you
Thank you chayal el chayal for everything you do for our son
(4/19/2017 2:55:18 PM)
Chabad of Sandton pride
Well done Levi lewin - the heart and soul of the organization ! Keep up the good work
Your friends at Chabad of Sandton
(4/19/2017 9:49:05 PM)
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